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Courtesy of the City of Orem

Tiller cabin in the early stages of construction for the Orem Fire Department.

In 2021, the Orem Fire Department requested, and was granted by the city council, a major purchase for the city – a tiller fire truck.

Bar trucks are the most maneuverable type of fire apparatus in the fire truck fleet. They also come with a hefty price tag.

Orem’s truck is built to custom specifications and when complete will cost about $1.6 million, according to Jason Earl, deputy fire chief.

The truck will provide the department with increased bay space, faster setup time – which in turn will improve response times – improved visibility and safety.

Because it is lighter than a typical fire truck, there is less wear and tear on the vehicle and the streets.

Courtesy of the City of Orem

Tiller truck chassis custom built for Orem.

“When the truck is finished, a few fire department employees will fly out to Wisconsin and take it home,” Earl said.

According to Earl

The truck has two drivers and the firefighters will begin their training as soon as the truck arrives in Orem. The truck will be housed at Fire Station #3, adjacent to Orem’s Skate Park at 350 N. 1200 West.

“The ability of this vehicle to be the most maneuverable aerial device on the streets will provide the ability to get in and out of congested areas and allow firefighters to get closer to a structure to access upper levels and lifesaving opportunities,” Earl said.

The origins of a tiller device date back to the 1800s. The tiller driver works with the front driver (tractor), as a team, and can maneuver the vehicle around obstacles and into positions that will make it effective in supporting tillage operations. Fight against fires.

Courtesy of the City of Orem

Custom fire truck chassis being built for the Orem Fire Department.

At 61 feet, 11.5 inches long and 11 feet, 2 inches high. The aerial ladder is 107 feet at full extension with an incline of nearly 70 degrees.

“The unique attribute of this vehicle, besides the articulation, is the exceptional storage capacity which will allow us to carry specialized tools and equipment such as battery-powered spreaders (Jaws of Life), shears, rams, airline bags etc,” Earl said. .

The setup allows firefighters to be self-sufficient, as it has tool maintenance capabilities such as battery charging, Earl added.

“This allows us to respond quickly to the technically difficult emergencies for which this equipment is used. The device will also be equipped with a fire pump and firefighting hose, making it one of the most versatile vehicles in our fleet,” he said.

The drawbar truck should be finished around mid-June. Firefighters will train with the vehicle over the summer, and the city can expect to see it in service in early fall. Residents are encouraged to drop by the fire station and check.

Courtesy of the City of Orem

The drawbar truck receives a coat of paint during the construction process for Orem.

Pierce Manufacturing, based in Appleton, Wisconsin, was commissioned to build this custom tractor-drawn aerial truck.

Man working on interior specialties for the new Orem drawbar truck.


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