Pirelli unveils custom Scorpion ATR tires for Ford Bronco and Maverick

Pirelli unveils new “tailor-made” Scorpion all-terrain tires for the Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick.

With this new original equipment, Pirelli covers all the needs of Ford owners: after the development of tailor-made tires for the Ford F-150, Pirelli is working again with Ford Motor Company to improve the performance of its new SUV and its new Compact Truck. .

Ford’s goals for this special tire were particularly ambitious: the demand was to develop an all-terrain tire, with high all-terrain capabilities, capable of combining the typical performance, handling and comfort characteristics of an all-terrain tire. seasons.

To meet these requirements, Pirelli engineers focused their work on two specific areas: sculpture and compound.

This bespoke Scorpion ATR is indeed a very versatile tire: it features an aggressive tread design to wick away water, mud and stones, making it a perfect fit on tough off-road conditions. Once back on the road, it offers maximum comfort, with a dedicated tread design developed to reduce tire noise.

Pirelli technicians also worked on a new generation of tread compound designed to deliver excellent wet handling, exceptional wet braking and better snow performance.

To achieve these goals, Pirelli has deployed its most advanced simulation and engineering tools to meet Ford’s demanding tire specification goals with each iteration of development. This digital and collaborative design approach dramatically increased development speed and optimized tire performance, as well as a reduction in the number of physical tires tested.

Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires designed for the latest models of the Blue Oval are available in the size: 225 / 65R17.

The ATR is part of Pirelli’s Scorpion SUV and light truck range of tires, offering comfort, excellent traction and better wear resistance on a wide variety of surfaces and weather conditions.

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