Plymouth Superbird Clone includes Hellcat V8, genuine paint

The fusion of the old and the new has been a fundamental aspect of hot rod culture for as long as people have been building fast cars. This restoration project is no different, converting a Plymouth satellite into a Plymouth Superbird clone. But that’s not all. With a 707bhp Hemi Hellcat V8 engine under the hood, this thing will smoke the original.

The project began with a rotisserie restoration of a 1970 Sport Satellite before the decision was made to turn the plain jane coupe into a NASCAR towering replica of the Plymouth Superbird. The front nose cone, flip-up lights, front fender exhaust air scoops, Road Runner racing decals and of course the massive rear fender came along.

Instead of having to choose between the vintage 425 hp Hemi 426 V8 or the 390 hp 440 Super Commando, a 707 hp 6.2L supercharged Hemi V8 Hellcat engine was chosen for the project. Few modifications were necessary for the Hellcat to fit under the hood of the Plymouth Superbird restomod, the main obstacle was having to move the battery to accommodate the inclination of the intake plenum. The engine is connected to a modern Tremec 6-speed manual transmission and powers an 8.75-inch differential.

A modern engine in this Plymouth Superbird clone requires modern suspension and brakes to go with it. At the front an F RMS frame was fitted with a new rack-and-pinion steering, at the rear a 4-link RMS suspension was fitted. Wilwood disc brakes are found in all four corners, with 6-piston calipers biting the front rotors and 4-piston handling the rear.

Inside, the Plymouth Superbird restomod features retro-looking bucket seats, a good Pistol Grip shifter with trunk support and an upgraded steering wheel. The dash has a custom carbon fiber inlay and houses a modern Thunder Road gauge kit.

The car was finished in Mopar’s signature FJ5 lime green paint, with the appropriate decals and headlight obscuration area. Modern multi-spoke wheels and low-profile tires don’t suit the car at all, but these can always be swapped out if you’re willing to shell out the $ 250,000 to $ 300,000 it should bring in. Mecum’s Next Kissimmee Auction.

Mopar Steering Wheel Plymouth Superbird Muscle Car
Image via Mecum Auctions

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