Q by Aston Martin Vantage Roadster is strictly limited to three units

Q by Aston Martin created what is arguably the most exclusive Vantage Roadster ever. Limited to just three units worldwide, it pays homage to the centenary of what the British automaker calls the A3 – the oldest Aston Martin in existence.

Yes, Aston’s oldest living car rolled out of the automaker’s old assembly lot at Abingdon Road in Kensington, London, in 1921. It remains a valued member of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust (AMHT) collection, and the car was used extensively by Aston Martin co-founder Lionel Martin in its heyday.

Equipped with an 11-horsepower 1.5-liter side-valve four-cylinder engine, the A3 won first place at the Essex Motor Club Kop Hill Climb in 1922. It also raced the Brooklands circuit at 84 , 5 mph in 1923, an unprecedented feat in 1923. the day.

The Q Vantage Roadster pays homage to the oldest living Aston. Aston Martin HWM of Walton Thames, England (the oldest Aston Martin dealer in the world) has ordered all three units of the ultra-limited edition Q Vantage Roadster in collaboration with AMHT.

As expected, the car is full of retro styling elements. It features a custom black square mesh grille with a shiny aluminum surround to provide a timeless vibe. It also features bespoke side fender panels with saddle leather strap, painstakingly handcrafted by renowned Aston Martin expert, Ecurie Bertelli.

Additionally, the panels have an # 3 emblem engraved to represent the original stamping on the A3. Unique 20-inch forged wheels in gloss black and bronze brake calipers are also standard. Entering the cabin, we discover sumptuous micro-perforated fluted seats wrapped in beige leather accents and brown stitching.

However, the most notable feature of the interior has to be those real brass rotary controllers. An embossed and vintage Aston Martin logo is also present on the center console to complement the retro flavor.

“It’s fitting that this great brand takes the opportunity to celebrate the centenary of its oldest surviving model,” said Simon Lane, Q sales and special projects director at Aston Martin.

If you fancy a retro-tasting Aston Martin Vantage, order books are open at Aston Martin HWM, but you better act quickly by reserving one of the three build slots.

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