Renowned Artist Brings Up Downtown Collinsville with Historic Mural | Local News

Clotfelter – known for revitalizing communities through his designs under the nickname Muralist of America – incorporated a variety of elements into the painting to capture Oklahoma history and complement the spirit of the studio d ‘maintenance and repair of local motorcycles.

Collinsville’s new 140-foot-long, 20-foot-high canvas depicts a picturesque and vibrant landscape filled with stray buffaloes and traveling pioneers, as well as a rendering of bikers Wyatt and Billy from the 1969 movie “Easy Rider” – the all under the blanket of an American flag infused sunset sky.

“It’s what I would call a signature mural,” Clotfelter said. “There are good murals; then there are those who are the real highlights of the show. It would be one of them just because of its content, its brightness, its colors, its patriotism, its history. “

Clotfelter devoted around 280 hours – and nearly two dozen gallons of paint – to his latest collage, which so far constitutes his third and largest mural of the year. To date, he has worked on over 170 detailed and hand-painted murals and gallery pieces, some as large as 60 feet tall and 300 feet long,

The efforts of the retired Navy illustrator led him to nationwide acclaim, even creating pieces for Walt Disney, Columbia Pictures, Tri-Star Entertainment, and Time Warner. But Clotfelter’s deserved fame hasn’t strayed him from his small town roots, as evidenced by his work on the Collinsville play, which he completed on Tuesday.

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