Six Flags Magic Mountain “Vacation in the Park” 2021 Review

Holiday in the Park returns to Six Flags Magic Mountain with lighting, light entertainment, limited shopping and a selection of food. If you’ve been to this event before, you can expect pretty much the same offers as years ago. Winter Wonder Lands is back with Holiday Square, Snowy Nights, Santa’s Village, Polar Point, Peppermint Path, Gleampunk District and Merry Lane.

Keep in mind that Holiday in the Park is advertised to start at 5 p.m. in the evening, seasonal food and drink is actually available throughout the day at their respective locations.

Foodies should therefore have enough time to indulge themselves before dark. In addition, the Santa Claus Village opens its doors at 1 p.m. until December 24 to visit Mr. and Mrs. Claus to meet and greet photos and coloring for the little ones.

The only significantly new area in Winder Wonder Lands’ list is “HollyRock!” to coincide with the January 2020 opening of the park’s newest amusement ride, the West Coast Racers Dueling Roller Coaster. Bringing with it a 1950s rockabilly vacation with awning of lights, classic cars, jolly jugglers, Six Flags bus, fire pit with hot rod decor, Christmas trees, stilts, character interactions and tunes from an oversized jukebox.

Merry Lane sits at the front and center of the plaza that connects Riddler’s Revenge and Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. This area primarily features oversized ornamental light ball canopies, stilts, and an illuminated greeting oak tree.

Gleampunk District focuses its theme on being inspired by a single merry-go-round. A bit like HollyRock! is West Coast Racers, this neighborhood retains its daytime steampunk theme that coincides with Twisted Colossus. With a sleigh photo op, icy blue lights, mechanical scenery, waders and a cyclist.

Polar Point nestles in the garden walking path between the Grand Carousel and X2. A blue tint of spotlights engulfed the snow-capped statues of polar bears and penguins.

Peppermint Path sprinkles colors of red and white into overhanging tree branches. A blanket of snow leaves behind other snow sculptures depicting animal creatures such as a leopard and an owl. Enchanted characters welcome you on the way to Mrs. Claus’ hut for sweet and savory treats. A fire pit crackles nearby as it waits to heat up your marshmallow for a gooey s’more.

The entertainment isn’t limited to wading birds and roaming figures. Snow Nights has set up a big string stage near the Full Throttle roller coaster, ready to spend the night with a spinning DJ, wrap-around dancers and a live band.

Holiday music live shows
Tinsel Toy Dancers

The evening ends with a kaleidoscope of lights at the main entrance and exit of the park called Holiday Square. Even the toy soldiers walk along the wide open path.

A vacation in the park at Six Flags Magic Mountain is not a must-see event. But it’s perfect for those who already have a season pass, have already planned to visit the park during the season, and for families with young children. The seasonal event offers something a little more for your day and provides additional value to extend your evening.

Luckily, seasonal dishes are served all day, so you don’t have to wait until 5 p.m. when the festive lights finally come on. Especially knowing that many places to eat close early before the park closes. So if you already love the thrill of a big roller coaster and enjoy celebrating the holidays with loved ones with similar tastes, this is the place for you.

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Holiday in the Park

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