‘Squid Game’ inspired pop-up bar has just replayed in Lincoln Park


Anyone who survived watching Squid game felt the disgusting tingle that the series’ capitalist hellish landscape produces. It’s not the kind of show that makes you want to live in its reality. But if you somehow think it’s fun playing childhood games where you lose your life or your crushing debt, there is a pop-up window designed for your unique sensibilities.

Reply Lincoln Park, an arcade bar in Chicago, has announced its latest pop-up installation. It becomes Squid Arcade, a tribute to the South Korean show Netflix. The bar became the macabre homage until November 28, loaded with childhood-inspired table games, in addition to the arcade games already present.

squid game pop-up bar
Photo courtesy of Replay Lincoln Park

The pop-up will feature weekly karaoke, K-Pop DJs and Squid game-inspired competitions with a thematic menu of food and cocktails. There will also be a costume contest on November 13. All events and games will be free with no reservation, ticket or token required. (So ​​your debt won’t increase too much by joining the games.) However, he’s 21+, and you’ll need to follow the bar’s COVID-19 guidelines.

squid game pop up bar chicago
Photo courtesy of Replay Lincoln Park

“We wanted to pay tribute and continue the hype with a games-inspired pop-up for Chicagoans to immerse themselves in,” said Mark Kwiatkowski, owner of Replay Lincoln Park. “Whether you are a goalie, participant or VIP, we invite you all to stop by and enjoy games with great prizes.”

The events will feature a red light / green light game (with lower stakes than the show) and marbles, with the winner taking home $ 583,855.00 ($ 500). It’s a little dark, but winter in Chicago too.

squid game pop-up bar
Photo courtesy of Replay Lincoln Park

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