Strictly’s Rhys Stephenson Left With A ‘Hole In The Foot’ After Horror Motorcycle Crash

CBBC star Rhys Stephenson will make his Strictly Come Dancing debut on Saturday, following in the footsteps of fellow CBBC presenter Karim Zeroual.

“I am BUZZING to be a part of Strictly Come Dancing 2021. I have dreamed of being on this show and I know for a fact that it will exceed all expectations,” he said.

“I can’t wait to see everything: the costumes, the orchestra, even Craig’s look! I’m ready!”

When asked what kind of flamboyant costumes he hoped to wear during his time on the show, Rhys said, “I want something with a cape… A cape commands respect.”

But he added that he’s not that bothered as long as the outfits he’s donated are “epic.”

And in addition to juggling his busy schedule, Rhys will also be making appearances on CBBC, where he’s usually seen alongside Hacker the Dog.

Actor and children’s television presenter Rhys is best known as the face of the children’s television channel CBBC

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“I’m always going to be on the channel, I can’t just give up on CBBC,” he said.

“I probably won’t be around as much, obviously because I will repeat it, but I can’t stay away from Hacker the Dog that long.”

Rhys says he’s been wanting to do Strictly ever since he saw Jay McGuinness perform his iconic jive on Pulp Fiction.

“We didn’t watch Strictly in the House at the time, but my dad just randomly turned on the TV, and I remember saying ‘Oh, this is Pulp Fiction, that’s pretty cool'” , he told the Mirror.

“And I sat there and they just exploded and my jaw hit the ground and honestly in this dance I thought, ‘I need to watch the whole show and I need to see him win.’ , and I stuck with it all the time and after that I became a big fan.

Rhys fell in love with Strictly when he saw Jay McGuinness play



In a previous interview with the BBC, Rhys revealed he had an excruciating injury after a motorcycle accident.

“I was injured in the event of my ATV falling, I ended up with a hole in my foot! he revealed in the game of ‘Three Truths and Three Lies’.

He also admitted that he had previously participated in “goat yoga” and f blow up the roof of his friend trying to get a soccer ball.

In July of this year, Rhys became an Ambassador for Place2Be, a charity that works for children’s mental health, and he visited a school for a special workshop where the kids made a time capsule.

Rhys said of his visit: “There is a lot of trauma, but I was struck by the hope and the laughter that we also felt. I have the impression of having seen the heart of Place2Be through these children.

A six-year-old student told Rhys that the workshop was very helpful, saying, “I went to Place2Be because I was worried, then afterwards I didn’t feel worried. “

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* Strictly Come Dancing will launch Saturday September 18 at 7:45 p.m. on BBC One

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