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“Over time, I gradually became invested in the idea of ​​reimagining London as a cyberpunk metropolis,” award-winning photographer Eugene Tumusiime tells me. When he started filming in London, he was enchanted by the neon lights of Piccadilly Circus. He has followed in the footsteps of generations of street photographers, tracking the defining moments shared between taxi drivers, bus passengers and pedestrians in Soho and Chinatown.

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Tumusiime still frequents these places, but he has also come to know another side of the city, the one that hides below the surface and only emerges after dark. His series neon nightsyears of preparation, took him through the nooks and crannies of London, where he discovered hidden gems and vistas that sent shivers down his spine.

He recalls: “I started heading to lesser-known sights, walking up and down the Thames, looking for rooftop gardens as vantage points, photographing people walking along bridges with skyscrapers -sky in the background, filming in the subway – everything that allowed me to take advantage of verticality and scale.

neon nights captures the London of today, but it also provides a snapshot of a possible future, one where the high tech of tomorrow collides with the grit of real life at night in the city. Tumusiime’s photographs are to London what Blade Runner is to Los Angeles, or what Akira is to Tokyo. We asked the artist to tell us more about the ongoing series.

The essential equipment for Eugene Tumusiime

Photographer: How did you start as a photographer? What attracted you to the medium?

Eugene Tumusiime: I was studying Media BTEC in sixth grade in 2016, falling in love with Photoshop when I found out what RAW files are. A file format that specifically gives me more control over the image? And my phone can shoot them? ! Please. I started walking for fun through the forests and along the canals.

Photographer: How and when neon nights the series begins?

Eugene Tumusiime: I was living in Reading at the time, a little over a year after I started photography, and I was enamored with the work of Liam Wong, a former Ubisoft art director who was known for doing street photography cyberpunk in Tokyo.

I was photographing architecture at the time because I loved combining clean compositions with very saturated colors theory. Getting the occasional photo of a weird person as a bonus was nice, but Liam’s work ticked all the boxes I could want. Cinematographic. Geometric. Bright yet well-balanced color palettes. I was hypnotized by his work in late 2015, but two years later, after spending a lot of time filming in forests, canals and commercial estates, my thoughts were somewhere along the lines of “Cool, I can do this”.

As for why I shoot in London, it’s good to have so much modern architecture and verticality, but ultimately, I just live here. I would shoot at night anywhere. I love him too much.

Phoblographer: How do you find these neon nightscapes? Do you research the locations online first or go exploring and see what you find?

Eugene Tumusiime: My location scouting process usually happens in two ways; Either I look up”[location] night” on Google Images, or while taking a train to central London, I pick the name of the station that sounds coolest to me and get off there. Then I walk around for hours and see what I can find. As long as I can find a subway station, there’s no place too far for me.

Phoblographer: What does a night of filming look like for you? What conditions are you looking for and what are the ideal times?

Eugene Tumusiime: I live on the outskirts of Greater London so I religiously watch for the onset of blue hour throughout the year. The second the sky starts to turn blue, I walk out of the house. Whether it was 4:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m., I left and returned at midnight.

It’s the most fun to shoot right after the rain. I haven’t quite mastered the art of shooting with an umbrella, so it’s a lot easier for me. The streets shine, I can add a lot more color to the image, and I can enjoy the reflections in the puddles.

If I could pull an all-nighter every time, I would. It’s an adventure every time, and I can always find a new alley or a new viewpoint.

Photographer: How is it to explore the city at night?

Eugene Tumusiime: Since I live so far from Central, I don’t usually explore this area during the day, so honestly, I don’t have much to compare. That being said, I love catching people working off-license, the food trucks, the bus drivers, the people hanging out at the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain – the people who keep the town alive. There’s a certain base of noise I hear in the city that I don’t get where I live. Even with headphones. High-density traffic, boring music playing from big speakers, people doing nitrous — those things keep me grounded.

Photographer : You are also a director of photography. Did films or film scenes influence this body of work?

Eugene Tumusiime: I watched Akira for the first time in 2017. There’s a gunshot during the opening motorcycle chase in which Kaneda speeds through the city. The camera slowly tilts and reveals the metropolis of Neo-Tokyo, with skyscrapers stacked one behind the other, each taller than the next. Since then, I’ve been searching for that sense of scale.

Too, Taxi driver is beautiful. Two minutes after my first viewing, I blurted out, “Oh yeah! The streets can simply be green!

Photographer: What are the technical challenges of shooting at night?

Eugene Tumusiime: If you’re using a zoom lens on a Canon 1300D, you’re kind of accepting that you usually shoot at ISO 1600 a lot at night. Getting a decent exposure with a lower ISO really depends on your ability to stabilize the camera. I keep it pushed against poles, rails, etc. just to be able to keep the shutter speed below 1/30th for a steady shot. It works when it works.

Photographer: Tell us about those amazing colors. Do you modify them in post-production?

Eugene Tumusiime: I note in Adobe Bridge; I couldn’t bother doing collections or backups in Lightroom when I first started filming, but the toolset is the same, so there you have it.

I start with the color temperature adjustments to see what I can get from different light sources, then I use camera calibration tools to bring some harmony to the color palette. This creates a good foundation that I can build on with hue/saturation sliders and local adjustments. I’ll often end up with something completely different, but after spending some time figuring out all the directions I can push an image in, that’s a valid kind of difference. Or I find out in five minutes. Or two years. It varies.

I must point out that colors have no inherent meaning and their potential for visual stimulation really depends on your ability to balance a palette before I say this:

true colors I choose are influenced by a lot of cyberpunk fiction. The Matrix, Blade Runner, Akira, Ghost In The Shell, etc. make a good style guide for the flavor of dystopia I want to convey. Blue as a primary color simply means “This is the future”, while red is somewhere along the lines of mega corporations charging people to breathe. That being said, the real fun is creating such a complex color palette as I can, rather than any kind of social commentary. I just have a lot of things to draw inspiration from.

Photographer: How did the project evolve during the confinements?

Eugene Tumusiime: When the Christmas lockdown started, it was strange filming empty streets. I liked going out and an update to Camera RAW added a hue slider so I could create different color palettes, but I wasn’t punctuating my shots with a person as the focal point of a composition. The legacy of street photography that I drew on no longer meant much. I just had to be okay with that.

Over time, it became somewhat liberating. At first I focused on determining the focal point of a shot, but eventually I was happy to do tapestries of intricate color palettes. I always am when it comes to “empty” shots.

Phoblographer: What is your most powerful memory of your time creating this body of work?

Eugene Tumusiime: In the 1940s and 1950s, London-based architects began proposing Highwalks: public pathways built above street level. They would make it easier for pedestrians to avoid traffic and would be wonderful sites for public gardens. Only a tenth of those planned were built.

Found one by complete accident in 2018. Got off at a train station, noticed there was a separate exit above street level and kept walking. I ended up being greeted with a sweeping view of skyscrapers that housed luxury apartments, office buildings, coworking spaces, and restaurants. Some buildings had LEDs on the side. Some had public gardens.

To date, very little has ever summed up my feelings about the incessant urban development as a photographer and a civilian. I could take pictures of tiny pedestrians at street level while also feeling so insignificant against the ever-expanding cityscape. London is growing every week.

All photos are by Eugene Tumusiime. Used with permission. To learn more about Eugene Tumusiime, do not hesitate to visit his site. Follow us on Instagram at etvisualson Behance at etvisualson you can buy his prints here.

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Put this new cherry red e-bike on your Christmas list, STAT https://cjs-engraving.com/put-this-new-cherry-red-e-bike-on-your-christmas-list-stat/ Wed, 23 Feb 2022 16:11:24 +0000 https://cjs-engraving.com/put-this-new-cherry-red-e-bike-on-your-christmas-list-stat/ Christmas is almost 10 months away on the regular calendar, but on the Clean Technica zero-emission personal mobility calendar, Christmas began on February 22, when Los Angeles-based company Aventon launched a sleek new version of its Sinch folding electric bike that will satisfy the craving for a carbon-free ride without the expense of an electric […]]]>

Christmas is almost 10 months away on the regular calendar, but on the Clean Technica zero-emission personal mobility calendar, Christmas began on February 22, when Los Angeles-based company Aventon launched a sleek new version of its Sinch folding electric bike that will satisfy the craving for a carbon-free ride without the expense of an electric car, and it’s also available in cherry red.

Let’s get to know the company Aventon E-Bike

If Aventon doesn’t tell you anything, it soon will. Clean Technica own Joe Borras gave the company two different slots in its overview of the best electric bikes and motorcycles for 2022.

Here’s what Jo had to say about the first iteration of the Aventon Sinch folding electric bike, in the fat folding tire category:

“I rode the Aventon Sinch for the first time at the Electrify Expo in Orange County last year, and it really surprised me. Folded up, it’s bigger than you think. On the go, it feels chunky and fun – if you’ve ever driven a Honda Ruckus, you’ll get it straight away. It’s a silly, fun bike that soaks up uneven surfaces and sandy beaches with ease, but won’t break the bank. What more ? »

In the utility bike category, Jo cited Kyle Field and Derek Markham of Clean Technica on the Aventure Adventure e-bike, calling it an “absolute bike tank” and “an excellent midlife crisis motorcycle” respectively.

This is a great bike for city riding…

Jo may want to add the new Aventon Soltera electric bike to the “best bikes” list whenever it updates. I had the chance to ride a Soltera last week, which is the company’s full-size, non-folding, diamond-framed e-bike. The Soltera isn’t dumb, chunky, tanky, or midlife-crisis, but it’s definitely fun, powerful, and more fun.

“Imagine the aggressive driving style you expect from a single-speed [or: fixed bike], but on an electric bike,” enthuses the company. “The more aggressive design gives riders more control and improved agility while weaving through city obstacles.”

… And also to get back to nature

This bike is a partial knockout of the semi-straddle asymmetric frame, especially when it comes in a juicy seafoam green. It begs to be shown on city streets, but the single-speed action does a great job on back roads too, which I found out because the Soltera arrived in the courier on my doorstep in the dead of winter, which put the kibosh on my usual 20-mile out-and-back commuter trial for e-bikes. It would have been the perfect opportunity to put the bike to the test of its urban rhythms, but there is a self-imposed ground of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, in dry weather on this route, taking into account the traffic along a busy suburban city-to-city route with trucks, buses and no bike lanes.

Still, there’s only been so long you can keep a seafoam green e-bike in a cardboard box in the basement. As soon as temperatures hit 30 degrees last weekend, I threw it in with the nice set of tools that came with it. It went pretty quickly, partly because the headlight was already attached. The rear light is actually two lights cleverly integrated into the rear fork, which is a real bonus.

I got on board then realized I had kind of tightened everything up with the front fork flipped over even though it was clearly marked ‘left’ and ‘right’ so I fixed that with the nice set of ‘tools and I managed to get on the road before the sun set on the Hill of Doom, which is a long, steep, straight uphill section at the start of a 13 mile dual carriageway which loops around a nature reserve near my home.

The Soltera looks like a purring tiger on an e-bike and the Cursed Hill proves it. The bike cycles through the power modes effortlessly and gives you a punchy, springy ride down those skinny tires. I didn’t even notice the lack of shifting, and when I got home I still had close to 80% battery in hand, even after heavy use of the electric motor on the climbs.

By the way, for us petite riders, this diamond frame trend in bike design is the best thing since sliced ​​bread. Things were different back when diamond frames were strictly for girls. Boys wouldn’t ride a diamond frame bike or they might turn into girls. This may sound really stupid, but that’s how people thought back then. Apparently the original idea was to maximize the drape of long skirts that girls once wore, and the idea stuck around for decades after skirts got shorter and it was acceptable for girls to ride bikes in pants, like the boys. .

That was then, and nowadays, everyone rides diamond frame bikes of any size. It doesn’t matter how small you are (well, within certain limits). I’m 5’3″ and the full size Soltera fit me perfectly. The seat is adjustable with a clamp, and Soltera designed its clamp to provide a non-slip grip without having to apply great effort.

Now, about that step-by-step folding sinch…

I was so excited to hit the road with the Soltera that I didn’t bother to read the instructions to unlock the throttle. Well, the power modes alone were so satisfying that I didn’t miss it on the 13-mile loop, Hill of Doom or not. However, I like to use a throttle to navigate traffic, so stay tuned for a follow-up review involving this 20-mile city-to-city trip without bike lanes and a throttle.

In the meantime, Aventon has already come out with another new e-bike we’ve been dying to try, and it’s the new step-by-step version of the Sinch folding fat tire.

Here is the company summary:

“The powerful motor and stealth-integrated battery mean you’ll never run out of power, and 5 levels of pedal assist and a no-frills, no-pedal throttle means you can go as hard or as light as you want. The chunky 20″ x 4” tires take you anywhere and provide excellent stability, whether on pavement or on the trails. Trust the tires under your foldable e-bike when you go where your heart takes you with confidence .

It’s all true! Well, based on the ride of the Soltera, that’s definitely what I’d expect from the folding Sinch.

Here’s what you get for an MSRP of $1,799, a few clams more than the single-speed Solterra, but worth it for the flexibility of seven gears and the convenience of storing or transporting your e-bike when the going gets tough. space is limited:

— Motor: 48V, 500W Brushless rear hub motor
— Display: BC280 LCD color display with backlight, with app connectivity
— Brakes: mechanical disc brakes
— Weight: 68 pounds.
— Transmission: 7 speeds
— Frame type: double butted 6061 aluminum alloy with internal battery
— Tires: 20″ X 4.0″
— Assistance: Accelerator + pedal assistance modes
— 20 mph
– Average battery life of 40 miles

If you don’t like cherry red, the new e-bike also comes in a respectable dark green hue.

follow me on twitter @TinaMCasey.

Pictured: Sinch Folding Electric Bike in Cherry Red (courtesy Aventon).


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Westside Events | The weekly Argonaut https://cjs-engraving.com/westside-events-the-weekly-argonaut/ Fri, 04 Feb 2022 04:17:18 +0000 https://cjs-engraving.com/westside-events-the-weekly-argonaut/ Compiled by Kamala Kirk An event on the agenda? Send it to kamala@timespublications.com Marina del Rey Farmers Market Saturday February 5 This weekly outdoor event allows Westside residents to support local produce vendors and other vendors. Foods from a wide variety of companies are available for purchase. Masks are mandatory and only 40 people are […]]]>

Compiled by Kamala Kirk

An event on the agenda? Send it to kamala@timespublications.com

Marina del Rey Farmers Market

Saturday February 5

This weekly outdoor event allows Westside residents to support local produce vendors and other vendors. Foods from a wide variety of companies are available for purchase. Masks are mandatory and only 40 people are allowed to shop at a time. Held in parking lot 11.

14101 Panay Way, Marina del Rey, 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. (seniors), 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (general public), beaches.lacounty.gov/mdrfarmersmarket

Dining at LAX Dunes Event

Saturday February 5

Please join the monthly restoration event at LAX Dunes, home to a variety of unique plants and animals. Come volunteer to help clear non-native and invasive vegetation and learn more about this historic site. Ceiling at 30 participants. Face masks and social distancing will be required. RSVP online.

9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.,


Astrology of the 2022 event

Saturday February 5

IntoMeSea, a state-of-the-art quantum wellness studio, will host expert astrologer and author, Gahl Sasson, for “Astrology of 2022 – A Sacrifice for Love Workshop + Book Signing”. This workshop is a magical and mysterious tour of the astrology of the year ahead and guests will leave the class with all the tools they need to make their wishes come true as well as when to do so. Space is limited, tickets are $36 and include a signed copy of Gahl’s book. Register online.

1812 Lincoln Boulevard, Santa Monica, 4-6 p.m., intomesea.com

Homecoming Dads

Saturday February 5

Enjoy two rounds of rock classics, Wayback Daddies favorites and surprises at The Warehouse Restaurant. Beatles, Steely Dan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, Doobie Brothers, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton and more. $10 cover.

4499 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, 9 p.m., 310-823-5451, mdrwarehouse.com

Santa Monica Main Street Farmer’s Market

Sunday February 6

Buy fresh local produce and prepared meals from local restaurants. You can also enjoy musical entertainment with weekly bands, face painting, balloon drawing and, if you catch it on the right week, a cooking demonstration featuring local produce.

2640 Main Street, Santa Monica, 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Mar Vista Farmers Market

Sunday February 6

This bustling year-round market features local produce, prepared foods, crafts for kids, and live events.

12198 Venice Blvd., 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., marvistafarmersmarket.org

Motor Avenue Farmers Market,

Sunday February 6

The Motor Avenue Farmers Market enhances farm-to-table connection and availability of fresh, local produce for residents of Palms, Cheviot Hills, Beverlywood and surrounding communities. The market is dedicated to cultivating a sustainable food system through its operation and educational programs. The market consistently provides a wonderful opportunity to create synergy between local businesses and residents while promoting a healthy city and a vibrant community. Open every Sunday, rain or shine.

10418 National Boulevard, Los Angeles, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., motoravenuemarket.com

Westchester Farmer’s Market

Sunday February 6

The Certified Farmers Market brings together some of the region’s best small and micro-farmers in Central Coast and Ventura Counties with over 30 local food businesses, children’s activities and live bands. Held in the heart of downtown Westchester next to many new and thriving local businesses from an independent bookstore to local restaurants with plenty of free parking. Held every Sunday, rain or shine!

6200 W. 87th St., Los Angeles, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., westchesterfarmersmkt.com

Lunar New Year at Santa Monica Place

Until February 8

Santa Monica Place will commemorate the Year of the Tiger to honor the Lunar New Year with a variety of offerings. Guests will enjoy red and gold lanterns draped over Center Plaza, as well as red envelopes with special offers at participating stores and restaurants, take-out craft kits and fortune cookies. Well-wishers have the opportunity to participate in a Lunar New Year tradition by hanging their wish on the cherry blossom wishing the trees prosperity and renewal for the New Year. On February 4, The Gourmandise School will also offer a Date Night: Lunar New Year Celebration class where participants will learn how to make cocktails and special dishes, and on February 10, a virtual 90-minute Lunar New Year celebration with Chef Katie. Chin will stand.

395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, santamonicaplace.com

Virtual Wine Tasting with DAOU Vineyards

Thursday February 10

Gelson’s is offering customers an impeccable virtual wine tasting experience with owner and winemaker Daniel Daou of DAOU Vineyards. Featured wines from the Paso Robles vineyard will include Daou Discovery Rose and Daou Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. The wines will be accompanied by a custom cheese and charcuterie plate from Gelson, which serves two and is available for $24.99. The Zoom link will be provided to all customers the day before the event. Special pricing for wines and pick up for the cheese and charcuterie plate will take place on February 9 and 10. The last day to register for the virtual tasting is February 6. To RSVP for the virtual event, customers must prepay for the plaque online.

Virtual, gelsons.com/daou

Off-Pitch Players Wives Association Charity Fashion Show

Friday February 11

Santa Monica Place will proudly host the 21st Annual Off-Court Players Wives Association Charity Fashion Show. This prestigious event was created to support charities in the Super Bowl host city and honor NFL wives who have made remarkable strides in improving the lives of women and children. This year’s event will benefit The HollyRod Foundation, a 501©(3) founded by actress Holly Robinson Peete and her husband, former NFL player Rodney Peete. In honor of the foundation’s mission, this year’s event will be themed “Fashion on a Spectrum.” Models will parade down the catwalk, showcasing a wide range of looks from athleisure to evening wear. Sherice Brown, one of the founders of Off the Field and the inspiration behind the Super Bowl fashion show, will serve as this year’s fashion show chair. Peete and Cookie Johnson will serve as honorary co-chairs this year. Emmy Award-winning “Entertainment Tonight” co-host Nischelle Turner will host this year’s charity fashion show. Tickets for the show are available to the public and can be purchased at bit.ly/3s4yMva

395 Santa Monica Place, 2:30 p.m., offthefieldpwa.org

Boba Fett’s book redeems a problematic Indiana Jones gag https://cjs-engraving.com/boba-fetts-book-redeems-a-problematic-indiana-jones-gag/ Sat, 15 Jan 2022 15:41:17 +0000 https://cjs-engraving.com/boba-fetts-book-redeems-a-problematic-indiana-jones-gag/ The Book of Boba Fett Episode 3 contains a riff on an Indiana Jones gag that is apparently a deliberate effort to improve on the problematic original. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boba Fett’s Book, “Chapter 3: The Streets of Mos Espa,” now streaming on Disney+. In the midst of her veritable rain of […]]]>

The Book of Boba Fett Episode 3 contains a riff on an Indiana Jones gag that is apparently a deliberate effort to improve on the problematic original.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boba Fett’s Book, “Chapter 3: The Streets of Mos Espa,” now streaming on Disney+.

In the midst of her veritable rain of Easter eggs, Boba Fett’s Bookthe third episode of extended its reach beyond star wars. The swoop gang featured in “The Streets of Mos Espa”, for example, drew heavily on the rock opera Who’s Quadrophenes, as well as George Lucas’ affinity for hot rod culture. But that extends to other Lucasfilm properties, especially at one point in the episode’s climactic continuation.

The moment is a reference to the years 1984 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, during a similar chase through the streets of Shanghai in the opening sequence. The original scene was deeply problematic: a superficially fun moment tainted by the kind of racism that has since earned the film plenty of criticism. Boba Fett’s Book took the humor and delivered it without the racism, saving the notion in the process.

RELATED: The Boba Fett Book: Every Star Wars Callback & Easter Egg in Episode 3

The cursed temple opens with a nightclub confrontation between Jones and Chinese mobster Lao Che over a cremation urn recovered during an unseen archaeological dig. The altercation erupts into violence, leading to a chase through the streets of Shanghai as the mobsters pursue Indy and his friends to the airport. During the chase, Indy’s car is slowed down by a rickshaw. Short Round, behind the wheel, wildly waves the driver out of the way before stepping on the accelerator. The rickshaw driver soars into the air, flailing his legs as he grips the handles as the car sends the two-wheeled vehicle into a produce stall.

It’s a naughty moment in a scene that’s meant to be a lark, and sadly it’s far from the only one in The cursed temple. The rickshaw driver becomes the target of physical humor, played as openly ridiculous before being sent to a heap. Combined with the ugly stereotype of sneering gangsters and various peasants comically diving for cover, the scene becomes hard to watch. The rest of the film is no better, replacing Chinese stereotypes with Indian stereotypes without even a blink of an eye. Director Stephen Spielberg has distanced himself from the film over the years, saying “there’s nothing of himself” in its content.

RELATED: Boba Fett’s Book Just Made Another Part of Star Wars Holiday Special Canon

Boba Fett’s Book carefully revisits the concept, being careful to avoid any racist overtones or implication. It comes in the middle of a chase scene filled with riffs on action movie cliches, as the hapless assistant to the mayor of Mos Espa unsuccessfully tries to outrun Fett’s freshly created swoop bike minions. This includes a variation of the Sheet of Glass snap involving a portrait of Jabba the Hutt, and a version of the Fruit Cart trope as the wizard’s speeder is buried in a collection of alien fruit from a block.

Amidst the chaos, a droid rickshaw driver attempts to cross the lane, with a pair of Bith in the transporter behind him. The assistant’s speeder slashes the back of the rickshaw, sending it spinning comically as the swoop bikes spin around them. It’s a minor moment, but director Robert Rodriguez signals the riff by showing the assistant gesturing wildly earlier in the chase in a close match with Short Round’s moves in The cursed temple. The droid weaves through a rotating globe that serves as its legs, while its head is much like that of a grasshopper, with four antennae that wiggle as it goes about its business.

which retains the physical humor of Temple sequence while shifting the end of the joke away from the nasty racial coding. star wars hasn’t always been successful with such transfers, but in this case, the attention shows. Rodriguez wanted to note the moment without condoning racism, and used the trappings of star wars‘ pretend to help do it. In the process, Boba Fett’s Book turns the silent joke into a mea culpa on behalf of Lucasfilm, acknowledging that filmmakers must always strive to do better.

A new episode of The Book of Boba Fett arrives every Wednesday on Disney+.

KEEP READING: The Boba Fett Book Guide: News, Easter Eggs, Reviews, Theories & Rumors

Moon Knight

Moon Knight Teaser Reveals First Trailer Release Date

About the Author

“He-Man” artist and toy designer T. Mark Taylor has died at the age of 80 https://cjs-engraving.com/he-man-artist-and-toy-designer-t-mark-taylor-has-died-at-the-age-of-80/ Sun, 26 Dec 2021 20:22:00 +0000 https://cjs-engraving.com/he-man-artist-and-toy-designer-t-mark-taylor-has-died-at-the-age-of-80/ LOS ANGELES (AP) – T. Mark Taylor, artist and toy designer for the He-Man and Masters of the Universe franchise as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, died Thursday in his Southern California home. He was 80 years old. The cause was congestive heart failure, Taylor’s family said in an email to The Associated […]]]>

LOS ANGELES (AP) – T. Mark Taylor, artist and toy designer for the He-Man and Masters of the Universe franchise as well as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, died Thursday in his Southern California home. He was 80 years old.

The cause was congestive heart failure, Taylor’s family said in an email to The Associated Press on Saturday.

He-man was the muscular frontman of toy maker Mattel’s Masters of the Universe franchise, which would later spawn an animated series that became a staple for kids. Children crowded with homework between scenes featuring the beefy cartoon hero as he battled wizards and other villains.

He-Man may have been known as a towering superhero warrior, but has also become an icon within the LGBTQ community, which saw parallels in the secret life of Prince Adam, He- alter ego. Man.

As with many creative endeavors, many hands have shaped the franchise. Taylor said the prototypes dated back to his own childhood when he dreamed of being “the next hero.” He said he based the concept of He-Man on his view of Cro-Magnon men, as well as the Vikings.

Mattel has sold more than 70 million action figures from its Masters of the Universe collection within 30 months of arriving in stores nearly 40 years ago, according to the New York Times.

Taylor began his career at El Segundo-based Mattel in 1976 as a packaging designer, his family said.

Mattel did not respond to a request for comment on Saturday.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise – starring pizza-loving Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo – has kicked off a long animated series, live-action movies, and a tagline: cowabunga!

While Taylor didn’t create any of the characters, his work as a designer helped propel them into iconic childhood images for many people around the world, including action figures and costumes that have flown off store shelves. .

Terrell Mark Taylor – who was called his middle name, Mark – was born on June 5, 1941, according to California voter registration records. He is survived by his wife of 50 years, designer Rebecca Salari-Taylor of Ranchos Palos Verdes.

“I felt him say goodbye to this world as I held him in my arms for a last kiss of love,” Salari-Taylor wrote in a Facebook post.

Taylor’s family said her stepfather Tony Salari told the artist, “If you can draw well, you’ll be fine.”

Taylor received orders for stripes for “hot rod” cars as a teenager in Redondo Beach in the early 1950s, his family said. He then attended ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena.

Taylor then worked for the US Department of Defense in Pasadena and helped with submarine, biological and technical sonar technology, and seabed mapping projects, his family said.

Taylor’s toy work has been featured in documentaries including “Power of Grayskull” and “The Toys That Made Us”.

“If I had to make a hero for today, it would be a female hero – because now is the time, because the heroes of our time are women. … We men have had our day, ”Taylor told fans during an appearance at a He-Man festival in 2015.

10 Underrated Christmas Movies You Probably Never Watched https://cjs-engraving.com/10-underrated-christmas-movies-you-probably-never-watched/ Sat, 18 Dec 2021 20:01:00 +0000 https://cjs-engraving.com/10-underrated-christmas-movies-you-probably-never-watched/ It’s holiday movie season and every year there seems to be a deluge of new Christmas movies from Hallmark and Netflix. But for many of us, it’s also the time of year to visit some classics like It’s a wonderful life Where A Christmas story. But what if you want something new to yourself, but […]]]>

It’s holiday movie season and every year there seems to be a deluge of new Christmas movies from Hallmark and Netflix. But for many of us, it’s also the time of year to visit some classics like It’s a wonderful life Where A Christmas story. But what if you want something new to yourself, but with that same classic movie warmth? Pull on your most comfy sweater, grab some eggnog or hot buttered rum, and get ready to fall in love with these little-known classics streaming now on HBO Max, Criterion Channel and for rent on digital platforms.

From bubbly romantic comedies and classic film noir to obscure animated family films, there will definitely be something for everyone on this list, whether they’ve been mean or nice.

Read on to discover 10 of the lesser-known Christmas movies to watch on streaming services this holiday season.

Single mother

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Hired as a temporary help for the holidays, saleswoman Polly Parrish (Ginger Rogers) receives a layoff notice from the John B. Merlin and Son department store in New York a few days before Christmas. On her way home, she sees a woman leaving a baby on the steps of an orphanage and decides to take him home to shelter from the cold. The owner’s son, David Merlin (David Niven), later mistakenly believes Polly to be a single mother. After organizing his return to work, he begins to fall in love. Meanwhile, her father thinks David is the father of Polly’s child. With charming performances, this wacky comedy is as bubbly as a glass of champagne.

Single mother is available for rent on Amazon, Apple, and other rental services.

Remember the night

Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray Look Romantic in Remember The Night

Image: Paramount Photos

Written by Preston Sturges and directed by Mitchell Leisen, this romantic comedy stars Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray – four years before their iconic couple in Double indemnity. Lee Leander (Stanwyck) is arrested for stealing a bracelet, but her trial is delayed until after Christmas on technical grounds because District Attorney Jack Sargeant (MacMurray) does not want a jury filled with holiday cheer. However, he also doesn’t want her to spend Christmas Eve in jail. On their way to Lee’s ex-mother, the two find themselves stranded in the Pennsylvania countryside and, of course, fall in love. A film perfectly balanced between end-of-year melancholy and joie de vivre.

Remember the night is available to cable subscribers on Watch TCM and Spectrum on demand.

Lady in the lake

Robert Montgomery in a mirror held by Audrey Totter in Dame au lac

Image: MGM

Based on the novel of the same name Raymond Chandler, star Robert Montgomery not only stars as Los Angeles private investigator Phillip Marlowe, but also directed the film. Shot almost entirely from Marlowe’s perspective, the characters speak directly to the camera. Montgomery’s Marlowe is mostly heard, his face only occasionally seen as a reflection in a mirror. When managing editor Adrienne Fromsett (Audrey Totter) hires Marlowe days before Christmas, he finds himself in a twisted mystery involving beautiful but devious women, endless greed, and cold-blooded murder. While the camera gadget can get a little smelly at times, there really isn’t anything else like it.

Lady in the lake is available to cable subscribers on Spectrum on demand, and for rent on Amazon, Apple, Seen, and other rental services.

It happened on 5th Avenue

Gale Storm and Victor Moore sit on a bench in It Happened on 5th Avenue

Photo: Warner Bros Pictures

Released the same year as the original Miracle on 34th Street, this Roy Del Ruth ensemble comedy follows homeless Aloysius T. McKeever (Victor Moore), who makes his home every Christmas season in the barricaded Fifth Avenue mansion of the world’s second richest man (Charles Ruggles). ) during his vacation absence. The kind-hearted McKeever gets more than he expected when he leaves ex-GI Jim Bullock (Don DeFore), his war pals Whitey (Alan Hale, Jr.) and Hank (Edward Ryan) and their families , plus 18 – old Trudy “Smith” (Gale Storm) shares the mansion with him. Although he directly addresses the housing crisis after WWII, Del Ruth’s questioning of how America is failing its veterans still resonates today.

It happened on 5th Avenue is available to stream on HBO Max.

The Holiday Affair (1949)

Robert Mitchum shows up at Janet Leigh with gifts in Holiday Affair

Photo: Warner Bros Pictures

Bursting with holiday cheer, Robert Mitchum, thrown at the guy in order to rehabilitate his image following a marijuana bust, is overflowing with charm as a bohemian seasonal sales clerk who romances Janet Leigh’s war widowed single mom . They meet when appearer Connie (Leigh) inadvertently costs Mitchum her job after she buys him a toy train. Complicating matters further is Connie’s boyfriend Carl (Wendell Corey) and her precocious song Timmy (Gordon Gebert), who thinks the train is a gift to him. The chemistry between Leigh and Mitchum is off the charts. Their first kiss is hot enough to toast chestnuts.

holiday affair is available to stream on HBO Max.

Susan slept here

Susan Slept Here cast is in pajamas

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Shot in glorious Technicolor, Susan slept here is one of those storylines that only make sense in classic movies. Dick Powell (in his last movie role) stars as Mark Christopher, a Hollywood screenwriter suffering from writer’s block after winning an Oscar. On Christmas Eve, her pal, Vice Squad Sergeant Sam Hanlon, brings 17-year-old wanderer Susan Landis (a spirited Debbie Reynolds) into her luxurious bachelor pad so she doesn’t have to pass by. the night alone in prison. While this sparks the idea of ​​a juvenile delinquency film, the situation also puts Mark in a sticky situation with his longtime fiancée Isabella (a glamorous Anne Francis). Meanwhile, Glenda Farrell as Mark’s secretary, Maude, almost ran away with the whole movie.

Susan slept here is available to stream on HBO Max.

Bell, book and candle

Bell Book and Candle: Kim Novak and Jimmy Stewart in a store

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Perhaps the coolest Christmas movie ever made, this mid-century fantasy romance stars Kim Novak as a posh Greenwich Village witch turned art dealer named Gillian whose holiday blues are cured. when she falls in love with her neighbor editor Shep (Jimmy Stewart). On Christmas Eve, Shep and his fiancee Merle (Janice Rule) visit the Zodiac Club, where they meet Gillian, his aunt Queenie (Elsa Lanchester) and her wizarding brother Bongo (Jack Lemmon). Determined to have Shep, Gillian uses her Siamese cat and her familiar Pyewacket to cast a love spell on her. However, Gillian eventually learns that human love isn’t that simple.

Bell, book and candle is available to cable subscribers on Watch TCM.


Plácido: men gather around a Christmas car

Image: The Criteria Collection

In this absolutely black Spanish comedy by director Luis García Berlanga, a group of pious women from a small provincial town organize a Christmas campaign with the motto “Feed a poor man at your table”. As the film progresses, the city’s wealthy compete to show the poor man they have helped, while barely hiding their distaste for them. At the center of the countryside is Plácido, a poor man who is dragged from one activity to another and is therefore unable to make payments on his newly acquired motorbike. It is the season of benevolence towards man, but this film serves as a reminder to the privileged that many people struggle all year round and that performative charity only calms their own conscience.

Plácido is available to stream on Criterion channel.

Nestor the Christmas donkey with long ears

Nestor the Christmas donkey with long ears and an angel hug

Image: Personal video from Warner Bros.

Produced by Rankin / Bass, this forgotten ’70s special is the most depressing of all. Based on a song written by Gene Autry, it follows Nestor, an unusually long-eared donkey living during the Roman Empire. Pushed around by their village, Nestor and his mother flee, only for his mother to die while protecting Nestor from the freezing cold. Later, Nestor meets a cherub who tells him that he is needed in Bethlehem. Her long ears help her guide Mary and Joseph to safety during a sandstorm. A little like Rudolph the red nosed reindeeris the story of an outcast who learns that his differences are only acceptable when they prove to be useful to others. Fa la la la la.

Nestor the Christmas donkey with long ears is available to stream on fuboTV and AMC Plus

The silent partner

Santa Claus is holding a gun in The Silent Partner

Image: Lionsgate

Written to spec by Curtis Hanson, who would later direct the ultimate Christmas crime film LA Confidential, The silent partner follows apathetic bank teller Miles (Elliott Gould) as he finds himself drawn into a world of crime after discovering the bank is about to be robbed by a man disguised as a mall Santa Claus. Instead of informing his bosses, he begins to hide money, thinking he can flag everything as missing when the theft finally takes place. However, when the thief, a psychopath named Harry Reikle (Christopher Plummer), discovers the ploy, he becomes obsessed with Miles and determined to get all the money for himself. Dark and bloody, this movie truly understands that greed is the reason for the season.

The silent partner is available to stream on Kanopy or rent on most digital platforms

Can you find the portraits of Glen Wilson in the desert? https://cjs-engraving.com/can-you-find-the-portraits-of-glen-wilson-in-the-desert/ Wed, 15 Dec 2021 15:00:26 +0000 https://cjs-engraving.com/can-you-find-the-portraits-of-glen-wilson-in-the-desert/ This story is part of Image number 8, “Desert”, a supercharged experience of becoming and spiritual renewal. Have a good trip! (Wink, wink.) See the full package here. The wilderness that I have known since I moved to Southern California from Chicago almost 30 years ago, both as a manifestation of space and an expression […]]]>

This story is part of Image number 8, “Desert”, a supercharged experience of becoming and spiritual renewal. Have a good trip! (Wink, wink.) See the full package here.

The wilderness that I have known since I moved to Southern California from Chicago almost 30 years ago, both as a manifestation of space and an expression of time, belies expectations and never fails. to reveal itself as an expanse of colliding dichotomies. His land stretches out, the boundaries are fragile, what seems sterile is bearing fruit. The moon rises as well underfoot as on the horizon, and here inevitably succumbs to the. Beyond any terrestrial prism through which one can observe a seemingly limitless place, the consciousness of the desert, I suppose, remains more in the cosmos than with the fleeting perspectives of the humans passing through it. When I find myself in the wilderness, whether it’s arriving there as a destination in the east or north, or coming back to another vast ocean in the west, my most basic questions are given space to breathe. “Where am I?”

“Desert Totem (West Adams, California)” in front of the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance building designed in 1949 by Paul Williams. The building was the headquarters of the largest black-owned business west of the Mississippi (as of 1945), offering whole life insurance policies to the black community that had until then been excluded not only from the fair housing, but also financial wealth. instruments that these policies represented. The building also once housed the company’s incredible collection of art by black American artists, many from Los Angeles.

(Glen Wilson / For the Times)

A blurry car passes "Desert Totem Pole (West Adams, California)" and the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance building.

The lobby of the Golden State Mutual Life Insurance building still features murals, commissioned by the company, depicting the contributions of pioneering black citizens in California.

(Glen Wilson / For the Times)

If the desert reflects a constellation of constantly evolving questions – a vocation – my piece “Desert Totem” forms a continuous response, a kind of personal and cosmic echolocation that plays out in my creative work. It is made up of portraits I made at different times – of a man named Elijah and a great horned owl – which are woven into the mesh of the diamond-mesh doors that I have collected over the years. years in houses (now disappeared, in my own neighborhood, but reactivated in my work). The two portraits reflect outwards and inwards (on the back).

I met Elijah years ago. We were both fishing in the desert – him literally, me metaphorically as I sped along the desert road, with the Parliament-Funkadelic “Mothership Connection” screaming in my car. I had asked the cosmos a question about presence versus absence in the desert, and Elijah quickly introduced himself, fishing along a roadside irrigation ditch, as if to say, “You. Are here ! At another time, I was obliged to give a burial to a great horned owl at the foot of a saguaro where the deserts of Sonora and Mojave merge. Years later, I had the opportunity to meet one of the owl’s living descendants up close. The two images travel with me, in my mind, with the work that I do. And just as I continue to move “Desert Totem” from one context to another, the questions around presence versus absence, arrival versus departure, installation versus migration and erasure. against fairness will persist, provoke and, hopefully, forge bonds.

Portraits of a Grand Duke and a person at the entrance to Highway 10 eastbound.

“Desert Totem” placed on one of the many freeway slip roads where drivers and pedestrians can spot work amid other road signs. Artist Glen Wilson says: “Just like freeway signs, which are a ubiquitous part of the visual vernacular of Southern California, I consider doors to be part of the language of the cityscape and of the fleeting collective memory. . I wanted them both to merge and to disrupt the expectations of spaces characterized by the movement of departure and fusion.

(Glen Wilson / For the Times)

"Desert Totem Pole (Lancaster, California)" in a field of yellowed grass.

“Desert Totem (Lancaster, Calif.)” Is located where 25th Street East ends in a dead end in the Mojave Desert. The growth of communities like Lancaster and Palmdale, an hour and a half north of downtown Los Angeles, where the LA County edges merge into the desert itself, is part of the history of economic pressures, affordability, equity and places where communities can rebuild.

(Glen Wilson / For the Times)

Two young people on bicycles beside "Desert Totem Pole (Lancaster, California)"

These young bikers came back to where I was setting up “Desert Totem (Lancaster, Calif.)”. We talked about art, living in Lancaster, maintaining motorcycles and a missing gas cap. They blessed the totem pole with a pose and gaze at the desert setting sun before tearing away after it.

(Glen Wilson / For the Times)

The sun is setting behind "Desert totem pole."

Lost in translation, found in the desert … the sun wants its last word in the Mojave, until the moon rises to speak.

(Glen Wilson / For the Times)

Glen WilsonThe multidisciplinary practice of (born 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, lives and works in Los Angeles) includes photography, sculpture, filmmaking, installation and assemblage. Provoking questions around voice, visibility, and cartography, Wilson’s works suggest fluid narratives of place, diaspora, cultural heritage, and the intersections of individual and community identity. Wilson has recently exhibited at Frieze London and in group exhibitions at the Getty Center and the California African American Museum. Wilson holds a BA from Yale University and an MFA from the University of California at San Diego and is represented by Divers Small Fires Gallery (Los Angeles / Seoul).

Custom LiveWire One Motorcycles Debuts at Autopia 2099 in Los Angeles https://cjs-engraving.com/custom-livewire-one-motorcycles-debuts-at-autopia-2099-in-los-angeles/ Fri, 10 Dec 2021 23:22:31 +0000 https://cjs-engraving.com/custom-livewire-one-motorcycles-debuts-at-autopia-2099-in-los-angeles/ Press release | December 10, 2021 Custom LiveWire One electric motorcycles were on display on Saturday, December 4 at Autopia 2099 in Los Angeles. SMCO: LiveWire One Hooligan Racer This is a press release from LiveWire… Los Angeles, CA (December 9, 2021) – The customization potential of the LiveWire One electric motorcycle was on full […]]]>

Press release | December 10, 2021

Custom LiveWire One electric motorcycles were on display on Saturday, December 4 at Autopia 2099 in Los Angeles.

SMCO: LiveWire One Hooligan Racer

This is a press release from LiveWire…

Los Angeles, CA (December 9, 2021) – The customization potential of the LiveWire One electric motorcycle was on full display on Saturday, December 4 at Autopia 2099, a new event dedicated to electric vehicles held at Optimist Studios in Los Angeles designed to showcase electric cars , trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and other mobility solutions. The event featured more than 80 vehicles, from construction and conversion electric vehicles to new cars and trucks, as well as an exhibit of what the event organizers called retrofuturism. Two builders of custom motorcycles, SMCO and Earle Motors, introduced the first fully custom LiveWire One motorcycles, both from Los Angeles, a city quickly becoming LiveWire’s most successful market.

“The custom bikes showcased at Autopia make a big statement on behalf of LiveWire,” said Ryan Morrissey, director of electric vehicles. “Personalization has always been a part of motorcycle culture, and this weekend SMCO and Earle Motors demonstrated the personalization potential of LiveWire One. These custom bikes and components are the first indicators of our intention to bring limited edition versions and accessories into the digital bike builder on LiveWire.com.

SMCO: LiveWire One Hooligan Racer

Brothers Aaron and Shaun Guardado started racing as young teenagers, first in gear-shifting karts, then in high-performance import cars before moving to motorcycles. They founded SMCO in 2010 to sell branded t-shirts and began building custom race bikes at their Long Beach, Calif. Store to support the brand and feed their appetite for racing and performance. Now in their mid-thirties, the brothers have built serious Harley-Davidson flat trackers and performance bikes for hooligan racing, and even converted a pair of Harley-Davidson® Street Rod® motorcycles into snowbikes for a climb. winter at ESPN X Games.

“When we got our hands on LiveWire One, we immediately wanted to pilot it,” said Aaron Guardado.

Last July, Shaun and Aaron entered a pair of LiveWire One bikes for the Roland Sands Super Hooligan Championship at Laguna Seca Racecourse in California. The series is open to almost all motorcycles, and for the event the motorcycles were devoid of lighting but were otherwise original.

“The bikes are so fast and so fun to ride, but we wanted to find ways to improve that performance,” Aaron said. “We started by reducing the rotating mass with a set of carbon fiber wheels from BST. Then we took all of the original bodywork out and used it to make molds for our own lightweight carbon fiber body parts. We’ve also designed our own rear foot controls to put us in a more aggressive posture for road racing.

LiveWire One bikes prepared for the SMCO race were on display last weekend at Autopia in the unpainted carbon body.

“This project really pushed us into new technology,” Aaron said. “We learned to use CAD and a 3D printer to create the backdrops, for example. “

All of the carbon bodywork created by the Guardado brothers uses the stock mount points on a LiveWire One, and if there is interest from other owners, parts may go on sale in the future. .

Earle Motors: E / Mulholland Custom LiveWire

Earle Engines: E / Mulholland Custom

When designer Alex Earle needs to relax, he often does so on his LiveWire One electric motorcycle.

“I spent a lot of time off-piste, but found the LiveWire One to be the perfect stress reliever tool,” said Earle, who teaches powersports design at ArtCenter. College of Design in Pasadena, California. “I live near the base of Mulholland Drive, a famous and very winding road that winds from Los Angeles into the mountains. On weekends it’s crazy with cars and bikes, but one weekday evening no one is there. It’s like my private road. Unlike an internal combustion bike, the LiveWire One is quiet, smooth and cool. I can do a run to Mulholland, or Decker Canyon Road, stop at Old Place or the Rock Store. It’s a great escape.

Earle Motors is more of an outlet for Earle’s creativity than a company, and he transformed that creative design focused on his LiveWire One, in a very dramatic way.

“At first this bike was intimidating because it’s electric,” said Earle. “There’s no escape, for example, which is always an easy starting point for customization. And no gas tank. I had two goals in mind: consolidate the design and adjust the ergonomics for my own comfort. I want it to fit as a bespoke suit.

Earle replaced most of the bodywork with parts of his own design, created in composite on a 3D printer, with the exception of the “fuel tank” in front of the seat, which covers tightly packed electronics that cannot be reshaped. He removed the rear fender and lighting, and replaced the rear part with one he formed from welded steel.

“I painted the electronics cover, which looks like a fuel tank, in Synthetic Haze, a gray to blue gradient developed during WWII to help airplanes appear less visible in the sky, which lowers the profile of the whole bike, ”said Earle. “I filled the space under that cover with a new finned piece that rolls up in front of the seat. The fins are the same shape as those of the battery box in the center of the bike.

The part Earle removed included air scoops to cool the electronic components, and to replace that cooling capacity, he created hollow galleries in the fins through which the coolant could flow. Two small pipes on the show bike would carry this coolant to a finned heat exchanger located between the forks. To create this part, Earle made detailed drawings and had the entire bike scanned by Mimic 3D. Its drawing and scanning were entrusted to PROTOTYP3, a company founded by two of its former students, who recreated it in CAD and then produced the part in one piece with a 3D printer.

“It was amazing that when I got the part, the holes lined up perfectly with the mounting points on the bike.” said Earle. “At the moment, it’s an idea, not a feature. I have no way to test it, but I designed it to be functional. The next step would be to 3D print it out of aluminum.

The lower part of the body behind the front wheel is shaped like an air curtain to smooth the flow around the battery box. Its bright orange color is meant to draw the eye down and lower the perceived profile of the bike. Earle removed the original headlight and its pod to install three LED lights.

“The new rear section and a custom biker-style seat I designed increases the seat height by several inches, which is perfect for my six-foot-three frame,” Earle said. “The saddlers covered the seat in black leather, and it looks great. I also installed a lower chrome handlebar than the original one, which is chrome because it does not scratch when I carry the bike.

One final custom detail can be found on an Earle logo created for a new charging port cover, which combines the number 23 – which he has always used on his competition-style customs – with an elk wood design that is also used by Old Place on Mulholland.

“Part of the inspiration for this project comes from my students, who show up to class with these computers that they themselves built that are liquid cooled,” said Earle. “People have been using motorcycles the same way for 70 years, but how will it be in the future when the bikes are electric? How will this generation personalize a bike? They can 3D print their own parts. They could cool the electronics with a liquid. I hope this project will be on Instagram and a 17 year old in Portugal will see it and receive a spark of inspiration. This will be the future of personalization.

About LiveWire

More than a motorcycle, LiveWire plans to redefine the electric. Building on its DNA as an agile disruptor of the Harley-Davidson lineage, capitalizing on a decade of learning in the EV business and the legacy of the world’s most desirable motorcycle brand. By initially focusing on the urban market, LiveWire will pioneer the electric motorcycle space, and beyond. With a focus on electric vehicles, LiveWire plans to develop the technology of the future and invest in the capabilities needed to lead the motorcycle transformation. LiveWire expects to benefit from Harley-Davidson’s engineering expertise, manufacturing footprint, supply chain infrastructure and global logistics capabilities. Innovative by design and attracting the best talent in the industry, LiveWire will be headquartered virtually, with initial hubs in Silicon Valley, California (LiveWire Labs) and Milwaukee, WI.

For more information visit www.livewire.com

Click here for more press releases on Cycle news.

Jack White announces North American tour in 2022 https://cjs-engraving.com/jack-white-announces-north-american-tour-in-2022/ Fri, 10 Dec 2021 15:51:05 +0000 https://cjs-engraving.com/jack-white-announces-north-american-tour-in-2022/ Jack White has announced his first headlining shows in four years. The extensive supply chain issues tour will begin on a series of North American dates on April 8 in Detroit and end on August 29 in Kansas City. You can check out the full list of tour dates below. The news comes shortly after […]]]>

Jack White has announced his first headlining shows in four years. The extensive supply chain issues tour will begin on a series of North American dates on April 8 in Detroit and end on August 29 in Kansas City.

You can check out the full list of tour dates below.

The news comes shortly after the announcement of two new solo albums from White. The first one, Fear of dawn, will be arrive on April 8, (the same day as the launch of the tour) followed by Enter living paradise July 22. Albums mark first time White has released new studio material since 2018 Scope of the pension.

The announcement was accompanied by a new music video for the first single “Taking Me Back”, which appeared in the trailer for the new. Call of Duty: The Vanguard Game. White also released a softer, remixed version of the song called “Taking Me Back (Gently)”.

Between working on his own music, White has been busy collaborating with artists like Alicia Keys (the James Bond theme “Another Way to Die”) Beyonce‘s (“Don’t Hurt Yourself” from 2016 Lemonade) and Tyler the creator (an uncredited contribution in 2019 Igor).

He also opened a store in London for his growing label, Third Man Records, which already has branches in Detroit and Nashville. “If the art isn’t done somehow, I start to worry,” the busy white said. The temperature. “I wish I could identify why this is necessary for me. I can’t do without it.”

Tickets for the tour go on sale to the general public on December 17th.

Jack White 2022 visit to supply chain issues

April 8 – Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple Theater
April 9 – Detroit, MI @ Masonic Temple Theater
April 10 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena
April 12 – Chicago, IL @ Credit Union 1 Arena
April 13 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Andrew J Brady ICON Music Center
April 14 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Petersen Events Center
April 16 – Laval, QC @ Place Bell
April 17 – Boston, MA @ Agganis Arena
April 19 – Washington, DC @ The Anthem
April 21 – Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center
April 23 – Portsmouth, VA @ Atlantic Union Bank Pavilion
April 24 – North Charleston, SC @ High Water Festival
April 26 – Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
April 27 – Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
April 28 – Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
April 30 – Nashville, TN @ Ascend Amphitheater
May 1 – Nashville, TN @ Ascend Amphitheater
May 23 – Irving, TX @ The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
May 24 – Tulsa, OK @ BOK Center
May 25 – Austin, TX @ Moody Center
May 27 – El Paso, TX @ El Paso County Coliseum
May 28 – Phoenix, AZ @ Arizona Federal Theater
May 29 – Las Vegas, NV @ The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan
May 31 – Los Angeles, CA @ YouTube Theater
June 1 – Los Angeles, CA @ YouTube Theater
June 3 – Reno, NV @ Reno Events Center
June 4 – Mountain View, CA @ Shoreline Amphitheater
June 6 – Portland, OR @ Moda Center
June 7 – Vancouver, BC @ Pacific Coliseum
June 8 – Seattle, WA @ Climate Pledge Arena
June 10 – Salt Lake City, UT @ USANA Amphitheater
June 11 – Broomfield, CO @ 1STBANK Center
Aug 13 – Minneapolis, MN @ Armory
August 16 – Milwaukee, WI @ UWM Panther Arena
August 17 – Indianapolis, IN @ TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park
August 19 – Toronto, ON @ Budweiser Stage
August 21 – Lewiston, NY @ Artpark
August 23 – Portland, ME @ Cross Insurance Arena
August 24 – Baltimore, MD @ Pier Six Pavilion
August 25 – Charlotte, NC @ Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheater
August 27 – Huntsville, AL @ Orion Amphitheater
August 28 – St. Louis, MO @ St. Louis Music Park
August 29 – Kansas City, MO @ Starlight Theater

20 best albums of 2021 (so far)

Launch of an explosive new global study to determine if surfers are really “Guardian Angels of the Sea” or just full of vile self-righteous lies! https://cjs-engraving.com/launch-of-an-explosive-new-global-study-to-determine-if-surfers-are-really-guardian-angels-of-the-sea-or-just-full-of-vile-self-righteous-lies/ Tue, 30 Nov 2021 16:57:36 +0000 https://cjs-engraving.com/launch-of-an-explosive-new-global-study-to-determine-if-surfers-are-really-guardian-angels-of-the-sea-or-just-full-of-vile-self-righteous-lies/ Help bring a cultural icon home. Surfer, motorcycle racer, artist, hep-cat and co-founder of The Royal Hawaiian Crowd Elimination Technique in Malibu, Billy al Bengston was one of the Malibu team members in the 1950s. who had all those beautiful green walls for him and his friends including Miki “Da Cat” Dora, Terry “Tubesteak” Tracy, […]]]>

Help bring a cultural icon home.

Surfer, motorcycle racer, artist, hep-cat and co-founder of The Royal Hawaiian Crowd Elimination Technique in Malibu, Billy al Bengston was one of the Malibu team members in the 1950s. who had all those beautiful green walls for him and his friends including Miki “Da Cat” Dora, Terry “Tubesteak” Tracy, Kemp and Denny Aaberg and a few Happy Fews digging the secret surf thrill of the 1950s.

More importantly, Bengston was a serious player in the art world – one of the most influential Californian artists to emerge from the 1950s to the 1960s – and is called by some “The West Coast Andy Warhol”.

On the night of November 28, surfer / ceramist = surferamician Cory Bluemling sent out an alarming AT RISK / MISSING PERSON (via the California Highway Patrol and local Malibu Carla Rowland) alerting the public that an 87-year-old man named Billy Bengston was reported missing in the Venice area.

Cory wondered if this was the same artist / surfer whose art was so influential in the mid-20th century and whose nickname inspired the character of James Darren in the 1959 film. Gidget.

Quick emails went around and there were replies from Kathy “Gidget” Kohner-Zuckerman,

“He lived on Mildred in Venice. Yes, it could be a photo of Billy Al and I haven’t seen it for a long time. Age would be correct about… is it real? “

And Phyllis “The Concrete Heiress” Tracy, wife of Tubesteak Tracy (RIP 1935 – 2018).

“Yes. I thought he lived in Venice. I hope he’s okay.

So Venice and age match, so this missing person is probably Billy Al Bengston from the surf world, and that’s a concern.

“So what?” you chuckle. “Who is this guy? What is it for me? How does this affect my trip?”

Bengston worked in a studio in Honolulu for many years, and his work from that time and place uses ancient tikis and modern passenger jets as recurring icons / motifs. This is Ka’ao Aquarelle, 1983 works on paper, Aquarell Collage
107x74cm. (42.1 x 29.1 inches)

According to Wikipedia,

“Billy Al Bengston (born June 7, 1934 in Dodge City, Kansas) is an American artist and sculptor who lives and works in Venice, California and Honolulu, Hawaii. Bengston is a contemporary artist probably best known for his work that he created that utilizes radical California “Kustom Kar” and motorcycle culture. He used psychedelic colors and shapes that looked like mandalas. “

Everything is true, and the (2021 – 1934 = 87) corresponds to the age of the deceased Billy Bengston.

Enriching Wikipedia, there is this from the Getty.edu web page:

“Billy Al Bengston (b.1934) is a flamboyant figure who, from the late 1950s onwards, combined art with professional motorcycle racing and quickly became a key player in the Ferus Gallery circle. He had five solo exhibitions at Ferus from 1958 to 1963, as well as a major exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1968. Motorcycle imagery in several early works associated Bengston with West Coast Pop, as did its use. techniques and materials drawn from the culture of custom cars and motorcycles, while the polished surfaces he achieved with spray lacquer also tied him to the early designs of Finish Fetish.

Complete Fetish. From the 1950s and into the 1960s, Bengston was a crisp, clean-looking guy with a mustache who – like Bruce Brown and John Severson and other surfer artists of that era – dabbled in surfing and surfing. motorcycling and was inspired by these activities. to their art.

So what’s the connection between this real Moondoggie and the fictional character in the 1959 movie Gidget?

From Warshaw’s Surf Encyclopedia:

Moondoggie’s character was loosely based on Kansas-born Malibu surfer Billy Al Bengston, who later became an internationally renowned pop artist. Bengston is said to have taken his nickname from the blind American avant-garde composer Louis “Moondog” Hardin.

In the book, Moondoggie invents the name “Gidget” (a fusion of “dwarf girl”) and ultimately gives the cheerful teenager her class pin. Asked by Longboard Magazine in 1997 if there was in fact a romantic relationship between him and Kathy Kohner – the real Gidget and daughter of author Kohner – Bengston rejected the idea. “She brought sandwiches to the beach. We ate them.

Great Kahuna by Cliff Robertson was inspired by Terry “Tubesteak” Tracy
Sandra Dee’s Gidget was inspired by Kathy Kohner.
James Darren’s Moondoggie borrowed Billy Al Bengston’s nickname, if not identity. The fictional Moondoggie was a sorority guy and a bob. The real Moondoggie was a beatnik and a legitimate artist.

Billy Al Bengston is 87 years old and although surfers like to think that our species is not prone to mental disabilities, as surfers spend their lives bathing their brains in adrenaline and endorphins and other sugary alcohols (See: Dick Metz, Mickey Munoz, Gidget) it’s possible Bengston suffers from some age-related mental fragility and wanders the streets of West Los Angeles.

Billy Al Bengston (left) and Frank Gehry (right) on the roof of Gehry’s office in Santa Monica, ca. 1970. Photographer unknown. Image courtesy of and © Billy Al Bengston. Image of a good interview with Bengston on eastofborneo.org

Please be on the lookout and bring Moondoggie home.