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“Dozens of offers, endless inspiration!” is bragging Visit Milwaukee on Milwaukee Museum Days.

Milwaukee Museum Days offers free or reduced admission to 23 different museums in the Milwaukee area from January 20-24 and January 27-30.

The Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University offers free or $1 admission when purchasing tickets in person and mentioning Milwaukee Museum Days.

Marquette and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students helped develop a program called “Focus on the Visual Arts” to help integrate the visual arts into school curricula. This subject is presented in the exhibition “Art asks – you answer.” The Haggerty Museum will also present “Expanding our horizons: exploring and encountering the unknown” with “Wasteland (Karakorum Letters).

Travel west along Wisconsin Avenue and you’ll find yourself at Pabst Mansion, the historic and preserved home of the Pabst family. Tickets for classic guided or self-guided tours are $10 with their promo code at checkout.

Visit the Wisconsin Black Historical Society for only $5. The WBHS exhibition “Work’n In The Promised Land: The African American Work Experience in Wisconsinteaches guests about the contributions of African Americans and Blacks to the workforce, especially in Wisconsin.

the Milwaukee Jewish Museum also sells tickets for $5. Learn about the history of the Jewish community in southeastern Wisconsin through their current exhibit”Scrap Yard: Recycling Innovatorswhich focuses on scrappers and their often stigmatized work.

There are also some unusual museums to visit.

selfie hop is a museum centered around Instagram-friendly exhibits. Find tickets for $10 with their “MKEMuseums” promo code.

Bobble in the Bobblehead National Hall of Fame and Museum to see the world’s largest bobblehead collection that includes Willie Mays, Flo from Progressive, and Martin Luther King Jr. for $5.

If you’ve recently discovered a new crochet or knitting hobby over the past few years of COVID-19, check out the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Textile Arts for $5. Their latest exhibition titled “Addicted by designis their first to focus solely on mats.

Whether it’s art, history, or a combination of the two, Milwaukee Museum Days is sure to have some great discount deals for the next two weekends. To verify Visit Milwaukee to explore all the museums taking part in the action.

This story was written by Randi Haseman. She can be contacted at randi.haseman@marquette.edu.

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