The Lazareth LMV 496 is a limited edition flying motorcycle worth every penny

The Lazareth LMV 496 is a stunning vehicle from the French mechanical engineer Ludovic Lazareth. Famous for his futuristic vehicles, the designer founded his eponymous company to bring his imagination to life.

In 2016, the daring engineer announced the LM-847, a four-wheel tilting superbike that uses a Maserati engine. The bike had a strange but unique look. The LM-847 has been reinvented in the LM 410 quad with similar characteristics that are already typical of Lazareth.

Three years later, Lazareth is back on the road and, this time, in the air too. The latest LMV 496 is the only hoverbike that works like a real motorcycle. Besides its gravity-defying characteristic, there are other reasons why the LMV 496 jet is worth considering.

Let’s take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind motorcycle.

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The Lazareth LMV 496 is a two-in-one flying motorcycle

Lazareth LMV 496

Via: Lazareth

Hoverbikes are becoming popular in the world today, but only the LMV 496 doubles as a motorcycle. According to Ludovic, the designer of the bike, the LMV 496 is legal to use on the road.

On the highway, the Lazareth LMV 496 motorcycle is powered by an electric motor with a range of approximately 100km or 60 miles. It uses four horizontal jet engines, one for each wing.

Each of these motors can generate 1,300 hp of power, allowing the bike to hover for 10 minutes. The reaction turbines are fueled with kerosene. As such, the electric motor will rest its energy once the superbike is in the air.

Ready to take off your motorcycle? Push a button and watch the wheels dynamically shift from an upright position to a horizontal position. The new form of the flying motorcycle was completed in sixty seconds as the sound of four jet engines erupted from all four wheels.

While riding above the ground, you can view a dashboard that displays vital flight data such as bike speed, location, and altitude. The LMV 496 also has joysticks on either side of the handlebars designed to regulate your ride in the air.

In the event of a malfunction during the journey, note that the wheels contain quick release parachutes. Even though this is a bold innovation, the designers make sure the bike is 100% safe in the air or on the ground.

A flying motorcycle designed for everyone

Lazareth LMV 496

Via: Lazareth

According to the manufacturer, the LMV 496 is a 308 lb bike designed to accommodate any rider. It is made up of comfortable seats and a lightweight steering system. On top of that, the device can support up to 2,200 lbs.

The Lazareth LMV 496 takes comfort one step further by using TFX suspension technology. TFX technology provides shock absorbers in motorcycles tailored to the rider’s body weight and the way they ride.

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The design, power and technology of the Lazareth LMV 496

Lazareth LMV 496

Via: Lazareth

The design components of the LMV 496 are very comparable to those of the LM-847 bicycle, with the exception of the Maserati V8 engine. It uses technologies from other Lazareth bikes for its braking mechanism and chassis. Other notable similar features include the rear loop, coupe side, and carbon wheel cover.

Ludovic Lazareth and his fellow engineers used the carbon-Kevlar composite for the motorcycle body. This hybrid material consists of a combination of the two materials in one.

While carbon fiber provides stiffness and strength, Aramid Kevlar provides impact and is resistant to fractures. Additionally, the body color of Kevlar adds a distinct aesthetic to the LMV 496.

Research and development around this vehicle have enabled new internal processes that will benefit other projects.

The 4 JetCat engines that power each wheel hub are genuine and built by the original manufacturers of the NASA / Skunkworks test aircraft. However, that does not mean that you can take the motorcycle high in the sky as it is only a hoverbike.

For now, this LMV 496 will only climb 3.3 feet above the ground until new inventions are deployed.

The turbines are also mounted on each tire and can rotate at a speed of 96,000 rpm. Whenever the flight function is activated, the rotor wheels arrange themselves horizontally. The motorcycle is then propelled into the air by the turbines.

Two additional turbines may be visible on either side of the undercarriage to support greater weight. If you take a closer look at the engine, you will find these additional turbines which also provide forward thrust.

Finally, a feature that facilitates the beauty of the LMV 496 motorcycle is the stylish Rizoma accessories made by two Italian brothers.

It is limited to five owners

Lazareth LMV 496

Via: Lazareth

The Lazareth LMV 496 is available but limited to five buyers. Motorcycles, numbered 001 to 005, can be ordered directly on the manufacturer’s website. Yes, one of those flying devices will be yours if you’re willing to part with half a million dollars.

Finally, the LMV 496 is the most incredible flying motorcycle we have ever seen. Looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. Owners can ride as well as fly / hover with this Batcycle type motorcycle, depending on their preferences. The puzzling question is: who will want to ride a flying motorcycle on the ground?

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