The Lexus of Guitars is available in the paint color of the LC Inspiration series

The collaboration between luxury car brands and lifestyle accessories isn’t exactly new. They are there to strengthen the attractiveness of the two brands. We’ve seen a lot of them before, mostly sneakers and watches, but we’ve also seen weird models like a Bugatti branded heated razor because… why not?

Lexus joins this segment with a collaboration with the American brand of musical instruments Fender.

Introducing the Fender Lexus LC Stratocaster Guitar, the latest Fender Custom Shop product created by prime contractor Ron Thorn. And yes, the guitar is inspired by the coupe and convertible of the Japanese manufacturer, the Lexus LC.

So what’s special about the Fender Lexus LC Stratocaster? First of all, the guitar comes in an omnidirectional structural blue finish, which does not contain any blue material. According to Lexus, the paint only looks blue due to interference from light, with layers of colorless materials coming together to generate the ultimate color.

This paint color was used on the Lexus LC Inspiration limited series – although the current Inspiration series is available in a Batman-inspired black color.

The touch of blue doesn’t stop at the Stratocaster body and head with a chrome Fender logo. Even the fingerboard is polished dark blue Richlite, first used by Fender Custom Shop. Most importantly, the Luminlay fingerboard inlays glow a vibrant blue in the dark.

The pickguard, meanwhile, is made of twill carbon fiber to match the Lexus’ rear spoilers. Fasteners are black button machine head screws to create a clean look like in cars. Ron Thorn also included brushed aluminum knobs custom machined to match the Mark Levinson stereo knobs, the audio system Lexus cars are known for.

Just like the LC Inspiration limited series, the Fender Lexus LC Stratocaster is limited to 100 units worldwide. All units come in a custom case wrapped in carbon fiber textured vinyl, with black leather ends and the Lexus logo embroidered on the inside of the cover. The price? $ 6,000 each.

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