The third generation Chevrolet Nova has never looked so good in a widebody kit

Few cars have gone from being a mid-size sedan to a big muscle car like the Chevrolet Nova. Originally conceived in 1962 as an economy commuter car, the Nova, like its heavenly namesake, rose to greater prominence in 1968 as a gearbox favorite, challenging the supremacy of counterparts such as the Mustang and the Challenger. It’s no wonder that Venezuelan digital artist Emmanuel Brito chose this third-generation version of the Nova legacy to play with. But his render, posted on Instagram Tuesday, reveals that he found plenty of areas on the venerable Nova to accentuate, converting him into a single boss.

Chevy Rendering becomes Widebody

A big advantage of delivering a wide body treatment to a digital render is that you can play around with the contours of the vehicle. Brito does this task wonderfully, especially when it adds more definition to the side panels bordering the wheel arches. A raised stain on the hood indicates that this Nova is turbo-compatible, while the addition of a rear spoiler invites other muscle cars to undertake this redesign on the strip.

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The most polished design exists on the wheels, where the spokes receive a distorted honeycomb treatment. Equally surreal is its take on the headlights, with two LED bulbs inside each housing creates an ambiance alien to this rendering.

Readers agree Nova is a beast

Front left view of rendering of green Chevrolet Nova

Once Brito published his work, he challenged his nearly 7,500 subscribers. “I think the pictures say it all, this machine will be a beast in the streets!” he wrote. “What do you think?”

Normally, on social media, trolls trash the results. But after nearly a day online, the responses lean strongly in the positive. “Superb construction,” commented one viewer. “It’s really unique. The colors, the pipes. A deadly little hot rod, man.”

“Love this rendering,” added another. “I’ve always wanted to see a widebody Nova. Now I want to make mine to match.”

Muscle Cars a favorite topic

Render front view of green Chevrolet Nova

Brito’s Nova upgrade is synonymous with other muscle Detroit vehicles he has rendered in recent years. Other muscle cars getting the Brito treatment include the Mustang, Camaro, and even the humble Chevelle. He has since broadened his vision to include trucks, including scandalous renderings of a Chevy C10, Toyota Tacoma, and Ford F150, with many seeing virtual new life as truckers with ends. front inverted and inclined.

Source: Instagram

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