This DeLorean Gold Twin-Turbo V8 is what happens when 88 miles per hour isn’t fast enough

The Delorean is one of the few vehicles that everyone knows, whether car enthusiast or not. This example goes far beyond the usual interest, however. Not only is it wrapped in gorgeous gold, but it also has two giant turbochargers on display under the rear overhang.

It’s rare to see a Delorean. It is even rarer to see one in a color other than stainless steel. Now throw in some giant turbochargers and a V8 in the back and you’ve got a really unique build.

Of course, it was this uniqueness that made the Delorean bi-turbo Salvage to Savage the perfect entry to the L’Automobile Design and Concept Show. This is where we caught up with the car and took a close look at every detail.

The whole body kit is actually a unique custom design from Khyzyl Saleem. Originally, the team planned to produce and sell the kit, but ultimately decided to build just one set.

The super sticky Toyo 888R tires barely fit under the gigantic fender flares. In total, this Delorean’s track is at least 5 inches wider than the original.

Inside the Delorean, we take a look at the gorgeous ruby ​​red Status racing seats. They are deeply reinforced and trimmed in black. Status also supplied the steering wheel in black Alcantara and the matching red and black door cards. Even the gauge cluster is finished in red.

The switchgear is all machined aluminum with the exception of the original cassette player. That’s right, it still has its OG sound system. Of course, it has modernized technology everywhere else. It also uses RetroAir air conditioning and a Haltech digital dashboard.

Construction has finally started at the back. The Peugeot Renault Volvo V6 “had to go “ Tim said. Moceri spent about 15 minutes with autoevolution at L’Automobile Show. Look for a full interview in the next few days.

However, they didn’t just fit an LS V8 crate engine into the car. No, this LS V8 is about as personalized as it gets.

The intake manifolds have been CNC machined from solid aluminum. Each cylinder has its own individual throttle body. All charge piping and exhaust piping are titanium and were welded by Tim himself.

This engine is pretty obvious from all angles too. Behind the Delorean, twin Garrett turbochargers are openly on display under the rear bumper cover. Ride anywhere near the Delorean and you can see straight into the engine bay.

Not only did the S2S team remove the side glass panels from the rear of the Delorean, they also made changes to the tailgate. No more double engine hoods. In their place is a single panel with a transparent three-tiered cover.

In case the gold or the widebody kit or the modernized interior didn’t make it obvious enough, this Delorean should go a lot faster than 88 mph.

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