This new Bonkers electric bike is truly one of a kind

The best e-bikes feature a fusion of form and function that allows you to get around town effortlessly and not look like a jerk in the process. But why stop there when we can do it style? This is the question enthusiastically tackled by the Harley-Davidson spin-off Serial 1, which just unveiled its first custom single-edition electric bike, the Mosh / Chopper, at the 81st annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally with a roller bike. breathtaking 60s. aesthetic.

Part of the new 1-OFF Series 1, the Mosh / Chopper goes up for auction today and ends at 5:00 p.m. MST on Tuesday, August 10, with only one lucky bidder able to ride it at sunset. , probably with the Easy rider soundtrack play in their heads.

Created by helicopter builders Warren Heir, Jr. and Kendall Lutchman at JR’s Fabrication and Welding, the eBike has all the standard winning features MOSH / CTYincluding the maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt, powerful Brose mid-drive motor and integrated lighting.

jim avg

But it also cradles a plunging banana seat, tall handlebars, hand lettering and stripes, and a retro “Street Freak” paint job: a micro-flake silver base coat coated with House of Kolor. Oriental Blue Kandy.

If you are still wondering Why, you might be missing the point, but relax, Serial 1 brand manager Aaron Frank can explain. “For decades, people have modified their motorcycles to reflect their unique style and tastes,” he says. “The 1-OFF series applies this same spirit of individualization and customization to e-bikes.”

mosh chopper

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Serial 1 plans to launch a new, unique custom electric bike model at auction a few times a year. We imagine they won’t look anything like this, which itself is very different from your average e-bike, right?


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