Top 10 Electric Motorcycles from Motorcycle Live

Charging times vary but you can expect to replenish the battery in around five to seven hours using a household outlet. Silence also offers a few useful optional extras such as a 47-liter rear transmission, further helping the brand target last mile delivery men.

It also offers great practicality; for example, under the seat you can install not one, but two helmets.

Prices start from £ 4,995, but after applying the OLEV government grant you can expect to pay £ 4,395.

Eco Stirling

No, your eyes aren’t playing with you, this is a Gold Chopper motorcycle, and that alone ensures that the fact that it’s electric won’t even be the main talking point!

Known as the M1, it has a top speed of 30 mph and a range of 30 miles. It is light for an electric motorcycle, weighing only 82 kg, and has three different riding modes; eco, medium and high, allowing bikers to vary the power output of their motorcycle, trading performance for range.

It also has a removable battery that can be charged from a household outlet, with charge times around four hours.

If this example is not eye-catching enough for you or if you want to add your personal touch, then Stirling Eco also offers a bespoke painting service where any design you want can be painted onto the motorcycle body.

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