What we learned about the Aston Martin track bike: the AMB 001

After 108 years of activity, Aston Martin finally entered the motorcycle market. Together with the French constructors of Brough Superior, the two companies have offered the world a new specialist racing motorcycle, aka AMB 001. The AMB 001 has been track tested and has recently become available for purchase by a few. very lucky and very rich.

A turbocharged engine, one of the first to spruce up a Brough Superior product, the bike features all kinds of remarkable specs and impressive entries in the engineering encyclopedia, such as lightweight carbon fiber body parts, meticulously designed geometries.

8 It is powered by a 61 cubic inch twin V engine

Close-up view of Aston Martin AMB 001 engine
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An 88-degree, 8-valve V-Twin engine drives this bike at around 180 horsepower and a transmission Aston Martin proudly announces fitted with a 6-speed pull-out gearbox and short, compact Morse timing chain. The bike is also the first Brough Superior model of any type to have a turbocharged engine.

Aston Martin AMB 001 engraved 'Aston Martin' emblem close up view
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Other highlights of this motorcycle’s powertrain design include a specially designed turbine to reduce turbo lag, water and oil cooling, and an exhaust manifold that Aston Martin claims to be derived from a “superalloy. “

seven It is built with carbon fiber parts

Aston Martin AMB 001 third quarter front view
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Specifically designed to be a trail bike, the AMB 001 has a titanium frame with a double wishbone fork design up front. The bike also has a carbon fiber subframe on the rear which helps the bike achieve balanced weight distribution.

Aston Martin AMB 001 hyperbike side view HD Wallpaper
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Additionally, as a tribute to Aston Marton cars, the bike is designed with curved S-shaped fins, similar to those seen on the front of classic Aston Martins. The bike also has a carbon fiber spoiler attached and runs the full length of the bike from the top of the fuel tank.

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6 Its track tests focused on handling and style

Aston Martin AMB 001 wing flattens in the center
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Tested on the Pau-Arnos track in France, a few kilometers from the Brough Superior factory where the bike is made, the testers mainly focused on the frame of the bike and its overall geometry, i.e. whether the exterior designs may or may not affect the performance of the bike.

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Engine testing on the bike appeared to have been done more at the factory, however, on the track the bike’s engine performance and speed was increased thanks to the design cues that reduce turbo lag and the engine equipped with an intercooler running at track speed. The light weight of the parts mentioned above also contributes to the speed of the bike, as it only weighs 400 pounds (dry).

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The Collaboration Bike is a special version that is uniquely hand built in the Brough Superior factory in France. Because each of the AMB 001 is so meticulously built, the cost of the bike is exponentially high.

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Intended to become a target of bicycle collectors in the future, the first AMB 001 has a sticker price of over $ 120,000. It is important to note that the bicycle is a racing bicycle only and is not street legal by European, British or American standards.

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4 Only 100 will ever see the light of day

AMB 001 Aston Martin
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With only 100 units sold, the identity of the first customers of this joint venture between Aston Martin and Boroughs Superior remains unknown. However, since the bicycle is not street legal for any of the markets where it will be introduced, it can be assumed that the bikes will end up either in the hands of very wealthy collectors or in the hands of racing teams in the Kingdom. United and Europe. .

Powertrain AMB 001
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It is also possible that Aston Martin will produce more bikes in the future. If demand for the 100 bikes to be produced meets the company’s expectations, more affordable versions could be produced. However, “affordable” is a subjective word when talking about an Aston Martin, as the brand specializes in luxury productions, which is why their decision to make a motorcycle is so unique.

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3 Aston Martin executives called it a “work of art”

Third quarter view of Aston Martin AMB 001
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Available in the sleek black paint topped with standard racing colors (red, green, white, etc.) for which Aston Martin is famous, the bike has a certain aesthetic reminiscent of the brand’s classic cars. Aston Martin Creative Director Mark Rerichman praised the special edition bike in a press release.

Aston Martin AMB 001 third quarter front view
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“In addition to applying the skills we have developed for cars such as the revolutionary Aston Martin Valkyrie, we were also able to bring our particular expertise in traditional craft techniques to this project. The end product is a truly magnificent motorcycle; a work of design and engineering art.

2 How does it compare to the competition?

Aston Martin AMB 001
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Because biking isn’t street legal, and the bike costs over US $ 120,000, biking is definitely in a league of its own, especially since Aston Martin’s first foray into production of racing bikes.

Aston Martin AMB 001 third quarter front view
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Also, while its 180 hp is respectable, it represents a lower output for many bikes, even legal ones. Although less luxurious and without the lightweight carbon fiber design, motorcycles like the Ducati Panigale can reach over 210 hp. With luxury models starting at around $ 40,000, the Ducati is also much more user-friendly.

1 Why did Aston Martin decide to build a motorcycle?

AMB 001 red
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Aston Martin had some difficult years. Stock prices fell on the stock market in 2018 and the Covid-19 pandemic affected sales of luxury brands.

Features of AMB 001
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In addition to market upheavals, Aston Martin has seen a corporate leadership overhaul, with CEO Andy Palmer is kicked out and replaced by Tobias Moraes. Between economic downturns and corporate redesigns, it would make sense for a stagnant brand like Aston Martin to venture into new territory to revamp its image, and working with Boroughs Superior on a limited production bike is the genre new territory where Aston Martin could shine. While they have created a remarkable track bike, only time will tell, it will be a smart enough move to restore public good faith in Aston Martin.

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