Winchester man hydroplaned and lost control of his motorcycle

A MOTORCYCLE Rider traveling at around 70 mph hydroplaned as he passed a car, before losing control and falling, an investigation has found.

Jamie Pinnock was riding a blue Kawasaki ZR750 motorcycle on the B2177 Winchester Road when he passed a Mercedes in Lower Upham on May 1 of this year.

Mr. Pinnock lost control of the motorcycle and hydroplaned over a pool of standing water, throwing him into the road. The 33-year-old’s motorbike propelled towards him, injuring him.

He was rushed to Southampton General Hospital, but died on May 12 of multiple injuries which resulted in multiple organ failure.

An inquest at Winchester Coroner’s Court on Wednesday learned that on the day of the collision it had rained and the stretch of road before the crash site was being redone, with chippings lost from the work and a limitation of temporary gear in place.

Eyewitness Georgina Jerred said in a statement that the car she was in was passed by a former biker whom her husband called “stupid”.

Reading Ms. Jerred’s statement, Regional Coroner Jason Pegg said, “About a minute or two later they were passed by another motorcycle.

“When Jamie passed Georgina Jerred said to her husband ‘it’s even more stupid’ because when Jamie passed their car he was going even faster than the first bike.”

Ms Jerred said she considered Mr Pinnock’s riding to be “dumber because of the lost chips and the fact that it had rained”.

Edward Veck, the driver of the Mercedes, said in a statement that after Mr. Pinnock passed him, “the rear wheel of the motorcycle lost traction and the motorcycle began to zigzag uncontrollably.”

Mr Veck said he “could see the cyclist trying to regain control” but Mr Pinnock lost control and “got off the bike”.

Forensic investigator Laura Bailey said from dashcam footage – captured by Mr Veck – that before Mr Pinnock lost control of his motorcycle he would have been traveling between 69 and 73 mph – the coroner said the speed limit was 30.

Ms Bailey said from the footage Mr Pinnock could be seen “responding by breaking off and trying to use his left leg” to stabilize the motorcycle.

Investigation found that there was standing water in a 10mm deep wheel rut that prompted Mr Pinnock to go aqua-gliding. Hampshire Highways said this “does not constitute a fault”.

Mr Pegg said Mr Pinnock was a “competent motorcycle rider” but at the time of the accident “he was unaware of the water on the road and the speed”.

The coroner concluded that Mr. Pinnock had died as a result of a traffic accident.

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