World’s smartest electric motorcycle to be produced at a brand new factory in Vancouver

Concern for a green and sustainable future has extended beyond the vehicles themselves, to the manufacturing process. Several automakers have already opened or are planning to open sustainable production plants, and Damon is doing the same in the motorcycle business. The Canadian company recently unveiled its latest facility, located in Surrey, British Columbia.

Developed in collaboration with Bosa Properties, the new production facility is a state-of-the-art 110,000 square foot (10,219 square meter) facility that will not only become “zero point”For Damon electric motorcycles, but will also feature an advanced and cleaner manufacturing process.

This new milestone builds on the brand’s success, having recently surpassed $ 40 million in orders for the award-winning Hypersport, billed as “the smartest, safest fully electric motorcycle in the world”. This innovative motorcycle is based on the brand’s exclusive electric powertrain, Hyperdrive, which is the first unibody, fully electric and multivariate powertrain on the market.

With an aerodynamic design and after undergoing extensive wind tunnel testing, Hyperdrive claims to offer better speed, range and acceleration than any previous powertrain. The battery has been designed for optimal performance, but also to be as light as possible. Hyperdrive is integrated as a structural component of the motorcycle itself, and the battery box acts as the supporting frame of the motorcycle.

The high-tech motorcycle also features an award-winning 360-degree advanced warning system that uses integrated windshield LEDs, long-range radar, as well as front and rear cameras, to warn the rider of danger. potential. Gear shifting is another innovative feature that allows the rider to switch between commuter and sport-on-the-go positions with the push of a button.

The Hypersport lineup includes four models, with prices ranging from $ 16,995 to $ 39,995.

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