Yamaha SR400 – Photo by Heiwa Motorcycles

Modern motorcycle master Kengo Kimura takes a ride with the classic Yamaha SR400.

Yamaha SR400 | Heiwa Motorcycles | Kengo Kimura | Source: Pipeburn

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Are you looking for amazingly handcrafted motorcycles? Look no further as we celebrate the cafe racer revival. Digging through countless sites, the shift from a boring collection of designs to an impressive one has left a lasting impression for over a decade. It is obvious that a lot has been forgotten over time. What has remained so far is the appearance of the Yamaha SR400 and the modification by elite craftsmen from Japan. Heiwa Motorcycles is leading the way with its latest impressive creation – the Yamaha SR400 version 21.

Yamaha SR400 manufactured by Heiwa Motorcycles

In 2005, Paul Snr. Jnr and a few others from the OCC company showed off their latest “motorcycle” for the Gillette razor company. Gillette has been hailed by millions as the best motorcycle mechanic in the world. Across the border in Hiroshima, a young man named Kengo Kimura was opening his shop. There he was like an old Japanese master, doing his job without being ostentatious or wasting time. He has become a true master of the modern motorcycle industry.

Yamaha SR400 front body


Yamaha continued to produce the SR400 for over 40 years and Kimura decided the supply was sufficient and built their famous single cylinder machine. He stripped the Yamaha of its chassis and prepared for the redesign.

The rear body of the Yamaha SR400


Kimura removed the rear part of the subframe and the shock suspension. Then he added other parts to give the product a finished look. After formatting the chassis, it created a structure to perform the following steps. He covered the bike with a thick coat of black paint. The oil tanks that usually go under the saddle have been given a new look. Kimura proposed an oil tank design instead. He attached the battery box to the lube tubes to pull the oil out of the frame design.

Yamaha SR400 saddle


Starting with tin cans, everything is handmade and made with love. The rear strut at the bottom of the frame is rolled up and nailed and then secured with rubber. Kimura’s minimalism brings a clean finish and unique simplicity to the bike.

Yamaha SR400 Fuel Tank

The craftsmen of N2AUTO mixed a custom color of the Heiwa bike. The soft color and simple company logo accentuate the perfection of the metalwork. Handcrafted leather seats without distinctive styling, with a classic black finish and vertical stitching amplify the look. H


To achieve such a look, he dismantled the front suspension and reduced the fork to 50mm. At the rear, a shock absorber has been designed to minimize impact force. In the braking system, the drum brakes are at the front. The rear is fitted with 18 inch rims front and rear then wrapped in Adlert tires with a classic tread pattern. The engine is still original, with a black manifold and the standard Heiwa muffler.

Yamaha SR400 brakes

The new tachometer sits in front of the bar with a classic grip, next to a set of indicator lights and headlights. Only at Heiwa Motorcycles can you see a masterpiece deployed elegantly and subtly effortlessly. Version 21 of the SR400 will continue to leave a lasting impression.

Source: Martin Hodgson | Pipeburn

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