Zoë Kravitz details anxiety-inducing first audition for The Batman

Batman’s Zoë Kravitz says her screen test as Catwoman was “intimidating, to say the least”, and balked at being asked to remove a helmet.

Zoë Kravitz recalled her first chemistry screen test with Robert Pattinson for The Batmansaying “it was intimidating, to say the least”. Kravitz, whose previous screen credits include both the Divergent and fantastic beasts movies, was cast as Catwoman/Selina Kyle in October 2019 after previously voicing the character in 2017 The Lego Batman Movie. The latest in a long line of actresses to tackle the iconic role, Kravitz is set to follow in the footsteps of Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Ertha Kitt, Michell Pfieffer, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.

Promising a far less polished and experienced Batman than ever before, director Matt Reeves delved into the DC comics universe for inspiration from several key comics, including Batman: Year One, Ego and other talesand The Long Halloween. Meanwhile, Kravitz, in preparation for her role, reportedly turned to studying cat and lion footage to help her develop her moves in conjunction with the film’s stunt coordinator. She also admitted to leaning on Frank Miller Batman: Year Onewhich she describes as “super badass”.


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With only a few days before The Batman finally hits theaters, the film’s stars, Kravitz and Pattinson, have been busy with the film’s promotional track and recently sat down for an interview with EO. During the chat, Kravitz recalled her first screen test with Pattinson, and how the simple act of asking her to remove a motorcycle helmet filled her with anxiety. Check out his comments below:

“The chemistry reading was really intense. Rob was wearing the Batsuit, and it was a good camera test with the DP there and everything on a soundstage. It wasn’t just about reading lines in a room. So it was intimidating, to say the least.

“[Being asked to take off her helmet] totally threw me into a bit of anxiety. It’s extremely complicated to take off a helmet and look cool, not get it stuck on your head or have weird hair. I was convinced it was going to be my downfall.”

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Despite her apprehensions, one can only assume that Kravitz still managed to overcome her hesitation and pass her audition, as she was ultimately selected for the role over other favorites, including Deadpool 2 Zazie Beetz and tomb Raider Alicia Vikander. From what audiences have seen in various trailers so far, Kravtiz’s performance as Selina Kyle seems destined to cement her as a fan favorite. While other big-screen iterations of the characters have certainly hinted at Gotham’s Dark Knight’s bizarre attraction to its most nimble cat burglar, it looks like Reeves is set to explore their tortured romance. much deeper than ever before.

Only time will tell if Kravitz has managed to fully master the fine art of taking off a motorcycle helmet and still looking cool in the process, but all the evidence points to her possibly playing the role of Selina. Kyle. Like Pattinson’s Batman, Kravitz’s Catwoman will clearly still have a long way to go before becoming the sleek super thief of Batman lore, but all the ingredients are certainly there. Fans will finally get to see Kravitz work her magic as DC’s latest Catwoman when The Batman hits theaters on March 4.

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